Today’s Crystal Diary: The Healing Properties of Carnelian

By Sarah Desroche

Name: Carnelian

Chakras: Base & Sacral

Zodiac: Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo

Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Every night, I find a great deal of comfort in tinkering with my crystals. As powerful healing tools, it is my responsibility to make sure the crystals are appreciated, cleansed, charged, and given individual attention. Depending on my mood and which chakra I feel needs attention, I will usually select a different crystal every night. Lately, however, I have felt an extremely strong connection to my carnelian. Carnelian is a powerful stone for generating creative willpower and confidence, along with promoting sexual energy and fertility.

Whenever I meet people interested in furthering their knowledge on crystals, I always recommend The Little Book of Crystals by Judy Hall. It is a fabulous beginner’s guide for anyone wanting to know more about the world’s most essential crystals, along with how to use your healing crystals to the best of their abilities. On top of using my own knowledge, I will also be using the book as a source in this article. Another great resource for furthering your crystal knowledge is The Lune Innate- I’ll include her website and youtube link at the bottom.

Carnelian has a vivacious red-orange brightness.

I purchased my tumbled carnelian stone about 2-3 weeks ago, along with many other stones that are perfect for the root chakra. Carnelian’s fiery energy and vivacious tangerine color make it an eye-catching stone for any crystal collector, and the amount of information available for carnelian is incredibly extensive.

Generally, the color of the crystal is a fair indication of its healing powers. Carnelian, like many other red-orange stones, promotes vibrant vitality, creativity, and assertiveness. Red stones are also very energizing, and can help you to rise more easily in the early hours. After I cleanse my crystals (which I intend to write a blog on), I hold the carnelian in my palm and thank it for the generosity it has already given me. While giving your crystals positive affirmations isn’t necessary to achieve its benefits, I don’t think it hurts to give your crystal some one-on-one every once in a while. I will usually also compliment the crystal on its stunning beauty and attributes, and finish by humbly asking the crystal for the things I want. Before I go to sleep, I’ll set the crystal on my nightstand, or sometimes, even on my bed frame. After that, it’s out of your hands; let the crystal do its magic!

Since utilizing my carnelian and placing it on my nightstand, I’ve noticed positive changes in both my positive and emotional realm. I willingly wake up earlier now, as opposed to the days when I’d pull the covers over my head and sleep until the last possible second. I also put much more love and care into my morning routine because I have more newfound energy: that means prolonged showers, a lengthy makeup routine, and a much fuller breakfast, just to name a few perks. On top of this new stamina, I have also noticed an improvement in my creativity. One of the hardest things about college is finding the time and energy to keep up with my hobbies, but carnelian gives me the willpower to find time. Not only that, but taking time for myself no longer feels like a chore. Once again, I am finding myself getting pleasure out of reading, writing, blogging, or simply just appreciating existence.

Carnelian, in the metaphysical realm, is perhaps best known for its vitalizing and motivating properties. Meditating with carnelian at your base chakra is said to cure everything from back pain to depression, while putting it on your sacral chakra can promote fertility and sexual energy. Because of its positive significance to both mental and physical health, carnelian can be an excellent stone for overcoming any trauma. Granted, no stone by itself should be used to treat/diagnose any illness or disorder. Crystal healing is a supportive benefit, not necessarily an alternative to scientific medicine. That being said, I do feel that carnelian is helping me to process and work through my own illness, complex PTSD. For anyone struggling with mental health, creativity, or even just getting out of the morning, carnelian could be the perfect stone for you. Who wouldn’t fall in love with that beautiful glowing orb of fire?


Some useful sources!

The Lune Innate’s youtube channel:

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You can get The Little Book of Crystals here:,+Low_00000000&2sid=Google_&sourceId=PLGoP79700&gclid=Cj0KCQjwn-bWBRDGARIsAPS1svtREV_64Z7cStLW-hnkXYTtoltDqR769UtnXQn1qeeF01taZ-FS4zMaAh_lEALw_wcB

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