My Top Five Spring Beauty Essentials Under $16

Spring has sprung, and so has the hunt for the best new cosmetic products. For me, the month of May is all about new beginnings and hasty changes in the weather- though I’m not too excited about the latter!

It’s true. I, the sunshiney retro gal, am not the biggest fan of summer. I like my face a lot better when it’s not sunburnt and dripping with sweat, if I do say so myself. Nonetheless, these are the top five beauty products I’ve been using this month to keep my skin clean, moisturized, and as bright as it can be.

Ebb & Flow “Fire on the Mountain” Herbal Detox Clay Mask. I picked up this treasure at a local shop a few months back, but had neglected to try it out until recently. And boy, I had been missing out. Not only is this product 100% organic and cruelty-free, it’s also highly effective and carries a light, lovely, lavender scent. It’s also quite efficient for removing blemishes and blackheads when used twice weekly- something I’ll certainly need help with as the humid weather rolls in. To apply, mix a couple tablespoons of the mask with water until you achieve a sticky mixture, then apply all over the face. Bonus points: this product is VEGAN! Find it here for $16.00:


Valjean Labs “Restore” Facial Serum. Though traditionally found through the very boujee Urban Outfitters, I purchased this serum at my local Marshalls (for notably less than the original price, I might add.) For the days when my skin is feeling tired and uneven, this serum is perfect for brightening things up and truly tightening your pores. Traditionally, I use it before bed to give my skin a little bit of extra nourishment. This product is cruelty-free, and can be ordered either online or from the Urban Outfitters store. Find it here for $15.00:


ArtNaturals Brightening Vitamin C Serum. I learned about this product through WhispersRed ASMR, who mentioned it in her skincare routine video. She described the product as being excellent for brightening skin, tightening pores, and giving the skin a naturally radiant glow. Upon hearing of its clearly fantastic abilities, I had to purchase it myself, and I wasn’t disappointed in the least. Made in the USA and completely cruelty-free, this is another fantastic serum for daily use. I pat a generous amount of this serum on my face right after my morning shower, when I know my pores are the most open, and follow it up with a light moisturizer.   Find it here for $13.00:


Pukka Tea: “Revitalize.” Arguably, tea probably can’t be considered a “beauty product.” From my perspective, however, it is the products we put in our body that reflect how our skin looks on the outside. This vigorating and energizing tea will keep you feeling fresh and awake on both the inside and out. With ingredients like cinnamon and ginger, you’ll notice your eyes looking brighter and your skin looking clearer.  Find it here for £2.99:


Lush “Mask of Magnaminty” Face and Body Mask. I must confess, this is a product I have been purchasing regularly since first trying it back in July. On those sticky, humid summer days, this stuff works magic for cooling off your skin and scrubbing out all the oily impurities from the day. This mask is also extremely moisturizing and soothing, both on the body and face.  Find it here for $14.95:



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