Daiya: Vegan Cheese Review

(Spoiler alert: it’s good.)


For me, becoming a vegetarian did happen overnight. I woke up one day, decided that I was disgusted by the murder of innocent animals, and made up my mind right then and there to stop eating meat. It wasn’t hard in the beginning, and it still isn’t hard now. Even as a vegetarian, there are still tons of perfect comfort food options: grilled cheese, fries, ice cream, macaroni and cheese…

Referencing the list above, I wasn’t always so keen on becoming vegan. Before I was fully educated on the vegan diet, I believed it to be only eating carrots and kale, with a plain glass of water at every meal. Cheesy, gooey, comfort meals were obviously off limits for vegans.

Or so I thought.

Obviously, I’m much more educated on veganism now. In fact, I’m about 95% close to being completely vegan, and I still enjoy flavorful, filling meals. Veganism doesn’t have to be about just eating raw- it’s about finding more ethical and healthier alternatives to the foods you already love. I made myself the world’s gooey-ist dairy-free grilled-cheese sandwich today, and it was fantastic. So why are vegans getting such a bad rep?

I’m taking it upon myself to broadcast the joys of dairy-free cheese products. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Daiya.


I mean, come on. LOOK AT THAT.

I was first introduced to Daiya Foods by a Buzzfeed article about vegan cheeses (because, you know, Buzzfeed.) The glowing reviews about its “tastes-exactly-like-cheese-but-isn’t-cheese” quality really got me thinking, and before I knew it, I was strolling through Whole Foods with the products in my cart.

According to the Daiya website, their products are completely free of the following:

Dairy (duh)







Not only are the products better for you health-wise, but the packaging used by Daiya is also eco-friendly. As someone who is an outspoken advocate for sustainability, the eco-friendly aspect of Daiya gives them huge bonus points from me.

Obviously, there are some differences between vegan cheese and “regular” cheese, but the differences really are remarkably subtle. These slices have the same cut, texture, taste, and smell of real cheddar cheese. They’re perfect for sandwiches, and melt decadently onto Boca veggie burgers.


I also picked up a few boxes of the Daiya Deluxe Cheezy Mac, in both the cheddar and alfredo variety. I tossed some steamed broccoli into the cheddar macaroni for dinner last night, and to say the least, my results were not disappointing.

I can’t stress enough how similar these Daiya products are to the taste of actual cheese products. Some of the flavors are a bit more bitter and slightly different in texture, but the taste is truly something homey and delicious.


Works consulted: https://www.livekindly.co/vegan-cheese-brand-daiya-arrives-uk/



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