Where to Find Modern Vintage Clothes

Yes, this one’s for all you lovely pinup gals out there. As a practicing pinup myself, one of the best aspects of the style is the lovely compliments I receive from others. Vintage clothing is a timeless taste- one that will never go out of style. Not only is it beautifully classic and easily recognizable, but it’s also extremely fun to shop for! Here, I’ve compiled a list of where I like to find my retro-style clothes. Grace Karin and Belle Poque are available through Amazon, but I will include the link to the websites as well.

Without further adieu, my top three favorite modern vintage shops!

Grace Karin. Grace Karin is probably (actually, definitely) my favorite place to find modern vintage clothes. The prices are fair, the quality is terrific, and the range of prints to choose from is extremely impressive. The website also offers a wide range of styles to choose from, including casual dresses, vintage dresses, prom dresses, petticoats, and accessories. Grace Karin is the 2nd cheapest option for dresses and petticoats, with Belle Poque beating its prices ever so slightly. Belle Poque, if I remember correctly, actually falls under the same company that manufactures the Grace Karin dresses. For that reason, you’ll notice many of the patterns and styles are similar between the two companies.


Website: https://www.gracekarin.com/

Belle Poque. As previously stated, Belle Poque carries the most cost efficient options for emerging vintage lovers. Not only do they also offer a wide range of dresses and petticoats, but they sell some prom dresses on the website as well! The vintage aesthetic of the clothes extends far beyond 50s glam as well- you can also find some steampunk Moulin Rouge-style skirts in the “Bottoms” section of the website. Just like Grace Karin, Belle Poque is independently owned and based in the USA. Many of the items are made from thick, breathable, high-quality cotton- something important to polyester haters like me.


Website: https://www.bellepoque.com/

Modcloth. While Modcloth may be twice as expensive as Grace Karin and Belle Poque, it doesn’t come without good reason. These clothes are simply impeccably made and impossible to replicate, if I do say so myself. And, unlike Grace Karin and Belle Poque, Modcloth offers a swimsuit and shoe collection! (Remember my vegan sloth flats? Yes, those are from Modcloth). The heels on the website are absolutely adorable, and, if I had a larger disposable income, I’d buy many more of them. If you have a little bit of extra cash around, and you want something really special, I would definitely point you in the direction of Modcloth.


Website: https://www.modcloth.com/

Unique Vintage. One of my favorite things about Unique Vintage is that the clothes are divided by era- so you can pick and choose what selections you’d like to see. Unique Vintage also has a lovely range of plus size options for vintage dresses, swim, and even flapper. The bright patterns, expertise construction, and inclusiveness of this brand makes them one of my personal favorites for picking up vintage goodies. Just like Modcloth, however, the prices are a little up there, so be careful how much you choose to splurge!


Website: https://www.unique-vintage.com/

All pictures are from the websites they correspond with.

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