11 Pictures of My Dog Sleeping

The people have spoken, and this is what they want.


My bestest buddy is a six year-old labrador named Duke. While he may appear roly-poly on the outside, beyond all that blubber is a real heart of gold. So, of course, why wouldn’t I want to share pictures of him snoozing with the Internet?

Here he is as a young, baby floofer. And yes, that’s me holding him for the first time!


Duke happens to be a very fashionable dog. One of his favorite sleeping accessories is this lovely tartan plaid scarf. duke2

Truly, a more magnificent sight has never been seen.


He’s ready for his close-up!


Duke is very compliant with mid-snooze pats.


He really KNEEds to get his rest…




I mean, is that really comfortable?


*Cries from cuteness overload*


Oh, did I mention Duke has a liking for sleeping on filthy laundry?


Sweet dreams, cherub.


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