Goodwill Haul

As you (probably) know, I happen to be a very big fan of thrift shopping. It’s affordable, it’s sustainable, and it translates to a completely unique wardrobe! My favorite thrift shop is The Garment District in Cambridge, but since it can be a headache to get down there when I’m home from college, I usually opt for Goodwill instead. You’d be surprised; beyond those funky-looking sweaters and bizarre accessories, there are actually some fabulous gems hiding.

This cream-colored Banana Republic blouse. My first thought when I clapped eyes on this delicate summer-y top was, “Oh my god! I’ll look like Truly Scrumptious!” After that public broadcast, the rest was history. The material is transparent and light, making it a great addition to any sundress. And, because the color is so neutral, it can be paired with almost any color scheme.   


These vintage Anne Klein kitten heels. I tend to wear a lot of warm-toned outfits, so when I find the perfect vintage warm-toned shoe in my size, it’s a happy day. These heels are surprisingly comfortable and easy to dance around in, despite their delicate nature. They also appeared brand-new when I bought them, and no scuff marks could be seen on the bottom. I’m a bit of a health stickler when it comes to buying old shoes, so I’m extremely happy with the quality.


This lovely floral patterned scarf. I used to have tons of girly cotton scarves dotted around my closet, but unfortunately, they seem to have vanished over the years. It’s time to start rebuilding my collection, starting with this absolutely gorgeous piece. Scarves are the pinup girl’s best friend: they’re versatile, comfortable, and add a strong statement to any looks requiring some extra jazz. If I remember correctly, this scarf was only four dollars!


This roomy Old Navy carpet bag. When I say roomy, I’m seriously not kidding around. This carpet bag can hold my phone, wallet, keys, medications, KNITTING NEEDLES, and water bottle all at once. The bag is in stellar condition for being secondhand, too; the lining is perfectly intact. I also personally prefer the clasp over a zipper, which I find tends to break down over time. Sultry summer date nights, here I come.


This Joseph A. sweater with embroidered flowers. There’s something so unique and delicate about this piece, and it caught my eye immediately, and the tiny flowers around the collar add a truly adorable touch. The material is also fairly light and stretchy, making it ideal for these moderately warm New England summers.


This absolutely amazing FOUR DOLLAR bag. The minute I laid eyes on it, I knew it was made for me. Talk about traveling overnight in style! The bag also came with a tiny phone holder and miniature zip-bag, ideal for holding smaller essentials. Being the summer-hater I am, the chances are I will not be bringing this gem to the beach, but I’ll be sure to find an even better purpose for it. The bag is also enhanced with beaded details, adding a bit of sparkle and interest to the already beautiful design.



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