Today’s Crystal Diary: The Power of Red Jasper

It’s been a hot minute since I posted about my crystals. I’m happy to say I’ve added to my collection in the months that have passed, which means there are many new articles to come (there’s also only so many crystal articles I can post in one month!).

I’ve mentioned red jasper before in my last crystal blog. As with nearly all red crystals, red jasper is extremely energizing and passionate. Aligning most appropriately with the root and sacral chakras, you’ll love the zest and love this crystal will bring into your home and your lifestyle. But what makes red jasper different from other crystals?


Though emotionally intense, red jasper is most beneficial in departments that require passion and energy. The versatility of this stone makes it ideal for many of life’s common challenges: starting a new job, spicing things up with a partner, giving your home a thorough cleaning, etc. Wherever you feel your life needs a kickstart (or just a kick in the ass,) consider utilizing this stone.

As I said, red jasper correlates with the root chakra (which is located at the base of the spine.) This chakra promotes grounding, stability, and essentially, represents the base of everything. As a powerful stone for emotional stabilizing and grounding, meditating with this stone close to your root is bound to balance and clear your mind completely. It’s been proven that the vibrations of stones and crystals (thanks, Tesla) do correlate with the vibrations in our body. This interaction creates a harmony of energy, thanks to entropy of the stones. Depending on what stone you decide to use, you’ll experience different positive sensations.

The next time you’re feeling ready for some sexy time, try putting a piece of red jasper beside or under your bed for some added creative forces and energy. Red jasper has been nicknamed the “sexy stone” for a reason- I promise I’m not making this stuff up. You’d be amazed how much stamina you can gain from such a tiny stone.


As someone who suffers from anxiety on a daily basis, I’m always looking for new tools to help break me of my sluggish frumps. More often than not, I’ll toss a red jasper stone into my bag before I head out for a long, gruelling day of classes and work. In times of particularly strong unmotivation, I’ll take a few minutes out of my day for a quick meditation with the stone. Obviously, it won’t be able to cure everything, but I guarantee you’ll be able to feel its power and energy after taking a break for a brief crystal relief session.

Pictures courtesy of Energy Muse and Crystal Vaults

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