First Impressions: Trying Cheap Makeup from


In general, I’m pretty picky when it comes to makeup. I only buy items that are cruelty-free, I prefer Ulta to Sephora, and, I won’t go over fifty dollars for one individual product. That being said, I was absolutely ecstatic to discover an online makeup retailer based in the United States. While not everything sold on Hush is cruelty-free, they do have a pretty large selection. All you have to do is search “cruelty free,” and voila, you’ll have hundreds of products at your fingertips. Another noteworthy aspect of Hush is its large variety of “dupes” for otherwise expensive and popular items. Can’t afford the $42 Norvina palette from Anastasia? No problem, Hush has a nearly identical dupe that costs only $16. At least, that’s what it claims to be. We’re about to test it out right now!

First and foremost, the pink packaging is absolutely adorable. Hush already gets ten points for that.


Swatches online show me that the “Luna” palette by Bad Habit is highly pigmented and contains both matte and shimmery shades. I was happy to find that the swatches were correct- these eyeshadows are highly pigmented, albeit prone to kickback in the pan as well. If you’re okay with a little fallout at the price of impressive pigmentation, you shouldn’t have a problem using this palette. The palette also came with a collection of brushes and eyeshadow primer, as I purchased the bundle edition.


The next product I received was an actually a free gift (woo!). If you spend more than $35 on the website, you are granted a spin on the wheel of free gifts to add to your final purchase. This in particular is the Kleancolor metallic eye pencil in the color Golden Gleam. Although I am personally not one to use metallics, I was extremely impressed by the pigmentation and smoothness of this product. Gold is a fabulous color for every skin tone, and can bring light and interest to any holiday look.


The next item is a ten-pan blush set by Beauty Treats, which I purchased for $9. Swatches on my hand appeared light and powdery, but once I applied it directly onto my cheeks, I was shocked at how strong the color was. A little bit certainly goes a long way! I appreciated that most of the colors are pink and red-toned; as someone who loves the vintage aesthetic, I can always appreciate a bright, pinky blush.


Last but not least, we have a set of six velvet liquid lipsticks by Nabi. This particular set retails for $15- not bad for half a dozen. I mostly intended on using the bright red and dark crimson tubes, but upon swatching the colors on my arm, I’m now extremely excited to try the rest! The formula feels smooth and buttery, and dries to the lips without being uncomfortable. The formula is similar in nature to the Kat Von D liquid lipstick collection. This picture was taken after I ate an entire bean burrito, so I’m impressed with how much product stayed on.


If you are interested in purchasing from Hush, click the link here:

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