Budget Vintage Looks Under $75

I’ve said it before, and I’ll continue to say it: you don’t need to break the bank in order to possess a fabulous vintage closet. There are so many options out there for vintage lovers of every demographic and price point, including yours and mine. If you’re trying to find fabulous clothing ideas for less than $75, look no further!


I call this look “chic for fall, with a bit of gay.” I love including my own personality into my looks, especially for practical pieces such as hats and socks. My hair is held together with a lovely hair net (you MUST invest in these if you have not already!). From there, I am wearing this beautiful mint dress by GownTown, pride socks by Foot Traffic, and closed ankle boots by White Mountain.

Dress: $32.98

Socks: $7.99

Boots: $29.99

Total Cost: $70.96

IMG_6864 (1).jpg

Another toasty fall/winter look that I would wear on an afternoon out! I’ve mentioned this coat before- my mother picked it up for me at a Salvation army. The yellow cardigan peeping out is embellished with golden pearls on the front. And underneath that, I’m wearing one of my favorite stretchy navy blue gowns by Grace Karin. The bag, by the way, was gifted to me by a coworker. Score!

Coat: $20

Cardigan: $13

Dress: $28.99

Headscarf: $5

Total Cost: $66.99

IMG_5862 (1).jpg

Though I’ve never done it myself, I imagine this would be a perfect outfit for going out dancing on a date night! This darling skirt, which I have talked about before, is made from a durable, thick, great-quality felt. The shirt was yet another thrift store find; it’s a simple yet versatile staple piece for all my miscellaneous skirts. And once again, I’ve paired it with a square scarf. These little fabric squares are surprisingly multi-purposeful, and usually are available at reasonable prices.

Shirt: $4


Scarf: $5

Total Cost: $57.84


If you’re looking for a classy yet sassy outfit for your upcoming holiday party, this may be the dress for you. I purchased this dress off Amazon about six months ago, and still break it out of my closet for the days when I like to look more formal than usual. The belt is also included! The beret was another great deal: it was originally seven dollars, but I managed to snag it on sale for only five. Though you can’t see it, on my feet I’m wearing a pair of lovely black oxford heels by Chase and Chloe. The overall look is affordable and durable for me, and, most importantly, a striking head-turner.

Dress: $31.99

Beret: $5

Shoes: $27

Total Cost: $63.99


Last but certainly not least, this lovely dress is yet another one I purchased from GownTown. I’ve paired it with my black Sketchers flats (perhaps not the daintiest shoes I own, but man, are they comfortable!), and a string of plastic pearls that I purchased so long ago, I’m not even sure where I got them from! As you’ve probably inferred, this was a look I wore to a lovely and albeit prestigious art museum. The purple dress is flattering on all skin tones, and maintains a stretchiness without feeling cheap or thin.

Dress: $32.99

Shoes: $39.99

Total: $72.98

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