3 Simple Vintage Hairstyles that You Can Do in Under Ten Minutes

Not to sound arrogant, but almost every day, I get complimented on my hair from a stranger. I’m always happy to receive this recognition- after all, I do take pride in putting effort into my appearance. There are so many ways to style vintage hair, and I am by no means an expert, but I have picked up a fair amount of tips and tricks. If you are interested in learning some simple vintage hairstyles for school, work, or fancy events, look no further!

No matter which hairstyle I chose to wear, I always start with naturally-dried hair. My natural hair texture is very curly, so I always take a shower before bed, brush my wet hair, and tie it into a loose ponytail. When I brush my hair out in the morning, I am left with smooth, softly-curled, and slightly-damp hair. For me personally, this is the best texture for me to style my hair with.


One of the first retro hairstyles I perfected (err, trying to perfect) is victory rolls. This hairstyle dates all the way back to the 1940s, when women wore their hair in this style in celebration of the World War II victory. It can be a little tricky at first, but once you get the rhythm, it’s marvelously simple. The first thing I like to do is section out the hair I will not be using, and tie it into a ponytail to get it out of the way. Then, because my hair is generally very frizzy and dry, I smooth some facial moisturizer through the strands to help them clump together. The moisturizer I use is by CeraVe. If you don’t have dry hair, you can just use hairspray for this step.


Once your hair is moisturized, take a chunk of hair for the first victory roll and begin rolling it in the shape of an inward curl. This is usually the trickiest part, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right the first few times! Once the roll reaches the top of your head, lay it flat against your head and pin it down with as many bobby pins as you’d like. If you want additional volume in your roll, you can brush out your hair with a teasing comb before you begin rolling. This method can help you achieve a more 50s, cartoonish-style roll. Do the same method on the other side of your head with the remaining hair, coat it with hairspray, and your victory rolls are done! You can style the rest of your hair however you like, but I prefer to keep mine down or secured in a hair net.


This brings me to my next vintage hair tip: hair nets are your new best friend. Although they are delicate, you can reuse them if you keep them clean and handle them carefully. I purchased a pack of twenty hair nets on amazon for about seven dollars, and I’m planning on the entire pack lasting me at least a year. Make sure you get a hairnet color that matches your actual hair color as closely as possible, so that the net is less visible. After I brush out my hair in the morning, I will usually tuck my hair into a hair net and secure it promptly with a handful of bobby pins. This gives the hair a more uniform, clean look, and prevents frizziness and flyaways. Most of the time, it’s hard to even see the hair net unless you look really closely! Ever since I discovered this method, I have utilized it almost every day to keep hair out of my face and keep my curls in order.


Bumper bangs, it seems, have earned a reputation for looking difficult to execute, yet so easy to actually do yourself. This hairstyle moves out of the 1940s era and into the 1950s, when pinup girls utilized this beautiful ‘do the most. In order to get the perfect bumper bangs, I cut a hair donut in half (you can get these at any beauty supply store), so that it becomes a rod rather than a circle. Then, I pin the tips of my hair to the rod and start rolling it inwards towards my forehead. Once you get to the top, pin it securely with bobby pins to ensure the bangs don’t fall out. This is one of my favorite hairstyles because it only takes 3-5 minutes to do, and it’s also very easy to sleep on! Most nights, I’ll roll my bumper bangs after I take my nightly shower, spritz it with hairspray, and sleep on it. When you wake up the next morning, your hair will already be good to go. One thing I will say- it’s difficult to apply foundation on your forehead once you apply bumper bangs, so get used to having a bare forehead! (That, or apply foundation before you do your hair.)

Though the victory rolls may take a little bit of practice to perfect, all of these hairstyles are ultimately very simple to execute, and always tend to garnish lots of attention from strangers. If you do try any of these fabulous hairstyles, tag me in your pictures so I can see them!

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