How to Avoid Dry Skin This Winter


I consider myself pretty #blessed to have oily skin. I know that may sound odd, but truthfully, I don’t think there’s anything worse than having dry skin. (Okay, I can think of quite a few things worse than that, but you get what I’m saying.) Dry skin is extremely noticeable, uncomfortable, and sometimes even painful. My skin used to become very dry in the winter months, but as I’ve gotten older, it has done a complete 180° and become exceedingly oily instead. There are quite a few reasons for why this might happen, but in my particular case, I think it was due to puberty. Everybody’s skin is different, of course, so I can’t guarantee what works for me will work for you too. I also don’t spend a lot of time outside, so I’m sure this has an impact on why my skin is hardly ever dry. That being said, I’m happy to share my tips, tricks, and skincare routine with you today. Enjoy!

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I’m sure you’ve heard this many times before, but the most important way to keep your skin supple and bright is to drink an adequate amount of water. A dehydrated body means dehydrated skin, along with an overall lack of energy and vitality. The most natural way to preserve your beauty and keep your skin, nails and hair healthy is to drink 75-150 ounces of water per day. This can sound like a difficult goal to achieve if you don’t carry water with you during the day, so if this sounds like you, consider buying yourself a reusable water bottle. You’ll hardly notice yourself reaching for it throughout the day, and before you know it, drinking water constantly will become a habit. I try to drink as much water as I can first thing in the morning, because I usually don’t have time for a sit-down breakfast and like the fullness that drinking water gives me. Ultimately, I guarantee you’ll see a difference in your skin if you utilize this step. It’s the cheapest and the easiest!

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Another way to instantly brighten and hydrate your skin is to start using face masks 2-3 times per week. Not only is it a lovely way to pamper yourself after a stressful day, but it’s also a proven way to help improve the quality of your skin. If you don’t have the time or money to go out and buy a professional mask, don’t fear- they’re insanely easy to make yourself. For example, mashing up a banana and applying it to your face and neck for twenty minutes is possibly the easiest recipe I’ve ever learned. This mask truly does work like a charm, and will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and more hydrated than ever. If you do want to purchase some face masks, I recommend the brand Formula 10.0.6. Their masks come in a variety of smells and forms, and they’re also a cruelty-free company!

Next, consider extending your skincare routine with a heavy-duty moisturizer to apply in the morning and nighttime. I have been using the CeraVe moisturizing cream religiously since middle school, and I don’t intend on giving it up any time soon. This product also comes in a pretty large bottle, and from personal experience, you can make it last up to a year before you need to buy another one. This moisturizer is also fragrance-free, so if you’re prone to sensitive skin (and especially dry skin), this could be the perfect cream for you. I like to use this moisturizer on my hands, face, and neck once before bed and once when I wake up, just to ensure that my skin is always hydrated and feeling fresh.

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Last but not least, there are tons of healthy fruits and vegetables that have been proven to reverse dry skin and give you a healthy, lasting glow. Unlike creams and masks, these foods work on a cellular level to make you feel hydrated from the inside out, and also give you sustained energy and a sense of well-being. Some foods you may want to consider increasing in your diet include avocados, nuts, sweet potatoes, olive oil, cucumbers, matcha, and squash. If you haven’t seen the educational video on why cucumber is so darned good for you, here you go:

I hope that some (if not all) of these tips give you some new ideas on how to look after your skin. I am certainly no expert, but I have had positive experiences from practicing all of these methods. Ultimately, the best way to take care of your skin is to work from the inside out and utilize living the healthiest life you possibly can. After all, you are what you eat.

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    Such a great post! You have amazing tips there.
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    I'm also a big skincare junkie and I do a lot of reviews on my blog, give it a visit if you're interested.


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