Vintage Holiday Glam Makeup Tutorial


I am not by any means a makeup artist, but I do love makeup application and wear it quite frequently. Say what you want about makeup, but for me, it is an artform that I look forward to every time I put it on. I usually wear the same things every day (matte brown shadows, pinky blushes), but today, I wanted to step it up a tad and try my hand at a glittery, glam-y, holiday-themed eyeshadow look. This is probably what I will wear to Christmas parties and such this year, and, if you love makeup as much as I do, I hope you’ll try it to! Let’s get into it!


First and foremost, no matter what makeup look I am doing, I always start with a creamy moisturizer and a primer. The primer I’m using today is specifically formulated to reduce redness, which is something I struggle with frequently. Once my face is smooth and primed, I dip into my foundation with a damp beauty blender and stipple it all over my face and neck, followed by the Tarte shape tape concealer under my eyes. You can skip concealer if it doesn’t appeal to you, but for me, I feel like it gives my face more dimension. To finish setting my foundation, I pat a translucent powder on top of everything, just to make sure my makeup stays in place and doesn’t crease throughout the day.

Everybody has a different eyebrow situation, so fill in yours to your pleasing. I, however, obviously don’t have a lot of eyebrow to work with, so I fill them in with Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade and clean up the edges with concealer. Now, moving onto the eyes. You can use an eyeshadow base if that’s what you prefer, but for me, I just use my regular concealer to prime my eyelids. Eyelid priming is an important step for giving your shadow the best color payoff, and helping your look to stay as long-lasting as possible.


Today, I’m going to be using the Bad Habit Luna Eyeshadow Palette for my eyes. The first thing I do is take the lightest color in the palette and stamp it onto my brow bone and lid. This step will give your eyes more dimension, and gives you a frame to create your fancy eye look. If you really want to step things up, you can use a highlighter under your brow bone for some extra shine. Next, I am taking a shimmering, copper-colored shadow and blending that in the outer corners of my eye, sweeping it above my lid as well. When I think of the holidays, I think of glitz and glitter, so load it on as much as you want! On top of the shimmer, I’m taking a dark brown and also packing that into my outer lids. I have very small, slightly mono-lidded eyes, so creating this contrast makes my eyes appear bigger and more dramatic.


To finish off the eyes, I’m using a black liquid eyeliner by Stila and winging it out softly at the edges. I top of the eyes with some generous coats of mascara, and my favorite false eyelashes. If you struggle with false lash application, I recommend cutting the lashes in half. It makes them much easier to work with.

Staying in the true vintage style, I am using a very rosy, pink blush, and dotting that all over the apples of my cheeks. I usually don’t use highlighters on my cheeks, but if you so desire it, go for it! To complete the look, add a coat of your favorite red lipstick to your lips. If you want to have a really authentic 1940s lip shape, sharpy define your cupid’s bow and round it slightly, like so.


Make sure you spritz on some setting spray to finish off the look! This will lock your makeup in place and prevent your face from getting oily throughout the day (or night). I’m looking forward to doing more glamorous, old Hollywood makeup looks as the holidays approach. I’m going to be posting an article the day after Christmas all about my holiday and how I spent it with my family, so be sure to tune in!

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