Today’s Crystal Diary: Detox With Bloodstone

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I try to make my crystal diaries a regular “thing,” but the truth is, I usually only get around to it once a month or so. I could designate an entire new blog just to crystals; after all, at this point, I probably have over fifty different stones in my collection. I absolutely love crystals and learning all about their healing properties, and bloodstone is actually my favorite stone of all. I feel like all crystal lovers have a particular stone that resonates with their soul, and for me, bloodstone is that stone. As an aries, it’s also one of my birthstones, which further strengthens my connection and admiration for it.

When I first started getting into crystals and metaphysical healing about a year ago, I visited Village Silversmith and purchased 8-10 stones on the spot. One of those pioneer stones for me, as you may have guessed, was a piece of tumbled bloodstone. That night, as I was cleansing my crystals and simply just admiring them, something strange happened. Mind you, I usually scoff at anything involving the supernatural, but I don’t have an explanation for this. As I picked up my bloodstone, the fluorescent light in my room sparked and momentarily went out. My light back turned on abruptly after that, but nonetheless, I was shocked. It was at that moment I knew I had found a powerful stone that resonated with me. The backstory of bloodstone is also intriguing; in the Middle Ages, it was believed that the red spots on bloodstone were actually the drops of Christ’s blood.

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As with any metaphysical stone, bloodstone has both physical and mental benefits. Primarily, bloodstone is associated with blood (surprise), the heart, and the circulatory system. Wearing bloodstone close to your body can assist in wound healing and mood stabilizing, and pressing it close to your nose can even help stop a bloody nose. Emotionally, bloodstone can bring vitality, courage, and confidence to its holder. The best adjective to describe bloodstone is “healing,” as it has been shown to revitalize both the mind and the body. Consider wearing bloodstone if you find yourself struggling with scary changes, low energy, self-esteem issues, or even bullying. Keeping this stone close to you can improve your sense of empathy, which may help you relate better to your enemies. Of course, if you’re experiencing severe bullying, you should speak to a trusted adult immediately.

As a fire sign, I am constantly bustling with new ideas and the desire to achieve as much as I can as soon as possible. Bloodstone is a perfect match for fire signs (Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo), who may find themselves full of ambition but running out of steam frequently. If that sounds like you, consider placing bloodstone all around your living space or on your desk. Being constantly surrounded by this stone will boost both your vitality and your energy levels, helping you get more done in a shorter amount of time.

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Athletes will also find bloodstone to be extremely helpful, as the stone can boost endurance and increase your strength. The ancient Greeks and Romans wore amulets of bloodstone during competitions, and as a charm to prevent injury during athletic events. It’s truly a versatile and unique stone- and one that I recommend to everybody interested in crystal healing. It has been a powerful addition to my own life, and I guarantee it will be just as helpful in yours.

Can you believe we’re already at the end of December? I only have one more blog post this month. That being said, I have SO many ideas and articles planned out for January, including a mini-series I’m starting called Fashion History Friday. I thought it might be neat to have a different-themed series each month; i.e, February might be Movie Analysis Monday, etc. If you have any other series ideas you’d like to see me do, drop them down below! Thanks for a great year, everyone :).

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