January Lookbook

Happy New Year, everybody! I hope you are all enjoying your holiday season, and spending it with your friends and family. I had a wonderful time myself, and was happy to spend quality time with my own immediate family. I also received some lovely gifts from Unique Vintage from my mother, which I’m excited to share in my lookbook for this month. I also received some Besame makeup, which I intend on writing a review for as well.


The statement piece of the new year is this black faux-fur hooded coat by Hell Bunny. It’s a classic silhouette with some added pizzazz on the sleeves. The coat is thick and heavy, but not uncomfortably big, and has done an excellent job keeping me warm in the frigid cold. I appreciate the coat because it’s not something I would ever pick out on my own, but something I’ve loved and appreciated since I’ve gotten it. It’s rare you’re able to find something both stylish and functional, but this coat is a perfect option.


And what will go perfectly with such an extravagant coat? An extravagant matching black purse, of course. Though it may look rather compact from the outside, it’s actually a relatively roomy on the inside (that is, big enough to hold my keys, wallet, phone, deodorant, and a lint roller stick). I don’t own a lot of black in my closet, but I do think it’s important to collect a few neutral basics, such as a classic everyday purse.


The next item I’m adding to my wardrobe is this pale pink sweater with a lace-detailed collar. I actually got it at Marshall’s for twenty dollars, which just proves you don’t need to invest in a fully true vintage closet to get the retro look. I liked this sweater for its simplicity, and it’s also a very comfortable, neutral piece that I can pair with items I already own. I’m very much a pink girl, and am drawn to girlish details and embellishments, so I consider this sweater a reasonable investment. Mostly, I tend to period dress in the 1940s during the colder months, and the 1950s during the warmer months, so I feel like this sweater will be a nice transitional piece between the two decades!

IMG_8595.jpgIMG_8342 (1).jpg

Speaking of transitional pieces, how do we feel about this Banana Republic blouse I picked up at Goodwill? I’m very fond of soft, elegant colors and materials, especially during the wintertime when everything is white and bleak in New England. I prefer to wear this top with a fitted skirt to balance out all the volume on top, which I feel gives it a more 1940s silhouette. It’s yet another example of how modern, neutral pieces can be used to achieve a nearly authentically vintage look.

I suppose that is it for now! I don’t have the time or money to go all-out and buy myself a completely new wardrobe for every season, but these are the basics I am loving right now. I’m interested in doing some more shopping on higher-end websites like Unique Vintage and ModCloth, but I suppose I’ll have to wait until my next tax refund ;).

Let me know what trends and aesthetics you’ll be following in the winter/spring months! Do you lean more towards neutrals and pastels, or brighter colors to counteract out the bleakness of winter?

Coming up next: Fashion History Friday- The Godey’s Lady’s Book

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