Crystal Collab: Graceful Gemstones by Alexa


As I’m sure many of you know, I am an avid collector and fanatic of healing stones. Ever since I first became familiar with metaphysical healing about a year ago, I have been slowly (and definitely surely) building a tiny family of crystals and stones to aid me through the journey of life. When I became friends with Alexa, who is a classmate of mine, I was so excited to learn she also shares a love and knowledge of crystals! Today, I’m here share Alexa’s crystal jewelry shop, her advice and knowledge about metaphysical healing, and also, discuss our favorite crystals with a metaphysical healing tag. I found the tag from a YouTube channel called All About Crystals, but we added in some of our own questions as well. Let’s begin!

A brief introduction to crystal healing:

You may be unfamiliar with what exactly “crystal healing” is, and how such an inanimate object could hold so much power. In short, all crystals vibrated to a different degree based on their size, shape, color, and light frequency. These vibrations are able to essentially “sync up” with our own energy vibrations, also known as chakras, and give us a sense of peace, relaxation, and healing.

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-How did you first get into crystals and minerals ?

Alexa: I’ve always been drawn to researching alternative medicine and learning how to incorporate natural remedies in my everyday life. I have always loved learning about essential oils, and herbs. I was not aware of all of the amazing benefits of healing crystals until the beginning of college when I was introduced to them by a friend. At first, I was drawn to crystals because they are beautiful, many are mesmerizing to look at. When I began doing research on crystals, I just could not get enough. After about a year of studying all different types of crystals and minerals, I came up with the idea of creating my own healing crystal jewelry shop. I have such an excitement and passion about it, I knew that if nothing else, it would be a super fun hobby!

Sarah: I actually came across a YouTuber around the spring of 2018 named The Lune Innate, and it was she who inspired me to start my own collection/family. I say “family” because I admired how much individual love she had for all her stones, and how each stone seemed to have its own personality. Every crystal also has its own special healing abilities, and it’s fun to go down the rabbit hole of reading about them all!

-How many crystals and minerals do you have in your collection ?

Alexa: I would say I probably have around 100. Most of my pieces are quite small as I mostly buy them from my local crystal shop called “A Broader Concept” in Hooksett NH. Most of their pieces are only 50 cents – $1.00. However, I have recently been expanding my collection to investing in larger pieces. I look at it as an investment because crystals are one of the few purchases you can make that will live longer than you.

Sarah: If I had to make a guess, I would say around eighty. I also tend to buy smaller stones, because they’re cheaper and easier to buy in bulk if needed. Most of the crystals I purchase are from The Village Silversmith, but I also have purchased quite a few online. It’s really amazing how inexpensive they are, considering what you get.

-What was your first ever crystal or mineral?

Alexa: My first ever crystal was a small raw piece of rose quartz. I was going through a pretty rough time dealing with a lot of grief from the loss of loved ones, and the end of a 5 year relationship. After doing research, I found that this crystal is excellent for both grief and heartache. I feel as though it helped me in unexplainable ways and my collection has been expanding ever since.

Sarah: On my first endeavor to buy crystals, I actually got a small bundle of them. I don’t remember exactly what they were, but I specifically remember there was sodalite, green aventurine, bloodstone, rose quartz, clear quartz, black tourmaline, and a few others. Black tourmaline in particular immediately had a strong hold on my emotions, because it’s a very grounding stone to use in your living space. I was able to immediately feel its effects once I brought it into my home.

-If you could only own ONE crystal or mineral for the rest of your life, what would that be and why?

Alexa:  I have a large Rose Quartz puffy heart which is just my favorite piece in my collection. (I love all heart shaped crystals.) Rose Quartz is my favorite crystal for many reasons, it may also have a special place in my heart since Rose Quartz was the first type of crystal I ever owned. Something about the energy really calms me down. I am a fire sign (Aries) and sometimes I feel like I need that kind of energy that will keep me grounded.

Sarah: I definitely would choose bloodstone, without a doubt. Just like Alexa, I am a fire sign, and my energy/ambitions tend to jump all over the place. Bloodstone prevents me from running out of steam too quickly, because it boosts both vitality and energy levels. I definitely feel like I am able to achieve more in my life when I have this stone close to me.

-Is there any crystal or mineral not in your collection you would love to have?

Alexa: Lately I have been finding myself drawn to working with clear quartz and selenite and I would love to own larger pieces of them perhaps large spheres or points.

Sarah: The next stone that I would like to add to my collection is malachite, for a few different reasons. First and foremost, it’s an absolutely gorgeous stone, but it also aids in energy cleaning and positive transformation. I want 2019 to be a healing, transformative year for me, so malachite will be a perfect choice.


Alexa’s shop links

Instagram @gracefulgemstones

Facebook Page (coming soon): Graceful Gemstones by Alexa

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