BerryLook: A Brilliant Scam

I consider myself to be pretty careful when it comes to browsing the terrifying void that is the interwebs. I always ensure that my phone searching is set to “private”, so my history and personal information cannot be saved when I visit sites that might try to loot me of my data. Nothing detrimental has happened to me before, but you can never be too safe, right?

Actually, there was a situation where I almost got myself tied up in a fraudulent internet extortion. And that’s what I’m here to talk about today, the time I almost metaphorically threw $200 into a burning trash can. Like I said, I tend to be pretty careful when I use the internet, so the fact that I almost got tricked by this shady website is marginally concerning.

Basically, here’s the story from start to finish. I was browsing on Google or Amazon, as I so often am, and a clothing store advertisement popped up on the sidebar of my screen. I was used to seeing advertisements like this before- that is how companies track our spending habits and sell to us, after all- but I’d seen this exact company advertising to me at least 5-6 times in the past. In my naive stupidity, which I have subsequently learned from, I decided that it was unlikely a powerful company like Google would let a blatant scam slide through as one of its advertisers. They have to have some control as to who they let advertise, right?

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That was pretty much the primary catalyst for me to just look at the site, which is called BerryLook. I wasn’t going in with the intention of purchasing anything, I just wanted to see what this advertisement Google was shoving down my throat was all about. And if it looked reliable enough, well, I could go from there and decide if it was worth it.

There are red flags to look for when determining if a site is fraudulent, but unfortunately, BerryLook is cunningly smart in covering their tracks. First and foremost, the site itself is arranged and laid out to look extremely professional and high-end. You have to really look hard to find any spelling errors or discrepancies, the photographs are all professionally shot, and even the site reviews are all extremely positive. On the evening I was contemplating ordering some clothes, the site was having a huge blowout sale, and I’m not surprised to see that (yet again!) the site is holding another sale on all clothing. It’s just another marketing technique to make the clothes look more expensive than they actually are, so you really think you’re getting a great deal when you shop. And, like I said, each and every product I looked at on the site had at least a four star review. Fantastic!


I think I started dropping items into my cart (it might have been my payday), and whilst I was in the middle of punching in my card, I started to feel…a little off. And that was when I decided to look at some external reviews from other websites, causing me to gasp loudly and essentially save my $200 from being thrown into the abyss.



Probably goes without saying, I emptied that damn cart and deleted all my card information faster than you could say “scam”. And, immediately afterwards, I found myself kicking myself in the midst of my relief. How the hell could I have almost let that happen? Why is this legal? WHY WOULD GOOGLE HARASS ME WITH THESE ADS?!

There’s way too many fingers we can point in this situation, but from a consumer perspective, I’m just here to warn other ladies and gents from similar situations. Because BerryLook is actually a Chinese company (not from the US, like they claim on the website), there’s nothing the FTC can actually do to stop this scam. Trust me, I’ve tried reaching out before, in my ravenous outrage after realizing I almost got scammed out of two hundred hard-earned bucks.

I can’t explain to you how these fraudulent advertisements made their way to me (and tens of thousands of other poor suckers), but I’m happy to show you some actual, authentic reviews! (In case you hadn’t figured it out by now, the reviews on the actual BerryLook site are generated by computer bots. Another crafty marketing tactic, might I add).

Hilariously, the paid accounts and bots that we see on the BerryLook app have also tried to peep up on actual authentic review sites, like TrustPilot and Sitejabber. Trust me, I could spend HOURS just watching these bots get attacked by the angry scammed customers. It’s live entertainment at its finest.

On several of these negative reviews, BerryLook responds with the same old automatic message with irrelevant links to nonexistent tracking numbers. Even if you didn’t order anything, and you’re just posting a review to shit all over the company (like I did), you’ll still get an automated bot message asking you for your tracking number. It’s actually hysterical.

I’m very happy to report that BerryLook is getting the negative exposure it deserves through these negative reviews and Facebook pages dedicated to denouncing the brand, but BerryLook is just one of many fraudulent companies. Because these companies are overseas, there isn’t much we can do as consumers besides just continue to expose them. The legal action we can take is just not really up-to-par yet, even though Google is the one referring us to these fraudulent companies…

What I can do, however, is offer some tips and advice on how you can avoid a similar situation. First and foremost, the reviews you read on the site are not always reliable, and you should take them with a grain of salt. My personal favorite sites for reliable reviews are TrustPilot and Sitejabber, like I said, but I also visit Scam Finance and Knoji. Read up on the company as much as possible so you know your money and card information is safe, especially if it’s a brand you’ve never heard of. Keep a sharp eye out for grammar mistakes and constant sitewide sales, as these can usually be signs of fraudulent foreign sites. And, above all, listen to your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, especially when it comes to spending your money, it probably isn’t.

If you’ve experienced a similar situation, of if you’ve actually been scammed by BerryLook yourself, let me know in the comments! I’m quite shocked at the lack of media coverage this issue is getting, considering the fact that thousands of people have been ripped off by this company alone.

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  2. ReNée St-Denis

    Yes I am one of those customers that have been scammed by Berrylook and have written to the BBB about it but I think that Berrylook is now going on the name of Ninacloak and avdertising again. I wish there could be some way to get our money back from these companies.


    1. Brooke

      I, foolishly just ordered 3 items on Ninacloak. I was surprised when I didn’t receive an email verification. No order number. No customer service number. It’s like I just took my money and threw it in the garbage. I am so embarrassed by my naïveté. Thank you for writing to warn us of these fraudulent sites! Keep up the good work.


  3. Adrienne Arden

    I have recently been scammed by Ninacloak (formerly BerryLook). We all need to realize how interrelated these Chinese companies are. I ordered a blouse in a 3X size, which is their largest available, based on the measurements at the website. I realize that Asian sizing is different from American sizing. I believed I would receive the equivalent of an American size large. The blouse arrived after nearly a month and it is so small it would fit a flat-chested 10 year-old. I wrote to the company and got the standard scam reply that I would have to pay for the return shipping, or else accept a $4.00 refund and keep the item. It’s a complete scam!


  4. Marilyn MacCallum

    I also was scammed by Berrylook. The items did arrive however ALL were ridiculously cheaply made and small. I was going to mail them back to the address given to me in Ontario Canada however the post office informed me that no company by that name was located at that address and I was advised to try to get a hold of them to get my refund. They told me to ship everything back to China. When I told them that it would cost me more to ship it, they said that was the only way that I could get a refund. I inquired about the address for returns that was on their packaging and got no response. It’s been approximately seven months and after several emails I have finally given up. A total scam!!! I will definitely not be ordering from any of these clothing suppliers online again.


  5. Sybil Vain

    I love those phony rave reviews. Poorly spelled, laughable syntax and grammar. Clearly written by non-native English speakers. Almost always from men. So you’ll see the name “Andrew Jones”, and then go on to read “My new dress is just a truly femine luxury. Fast service and nice store. 1) They are an online clothing company selling poorly made items, if they even ship you anything at all, and 2) Men don’t wear dresses. If they DO, they’d buy locally at a high end TV shop..(where’s Ru Paul when we need him, eh?) Beware these ‘scam-bags,’ as my hubby calls bogus Chinese clothing companies.


  6. Darla

    Berrylook is a scam company. From what I received they r way t small u can’t find out from them how t return items. I would never buy from this company


  7. Delphine Lim

    I am sorry to hear you got scammed. It is an awful feeling! Thank you all for providing the honest feedback. I myself nearly ordered some things from Berrylook. Your reviews saved me from being scammed. Can’t thank you enough. Keep spreading the message until these type of dishonorable people go out of business.


  8. Latanya L Beavers

    Hello, the website called Berrylook, is a total scam and a fraud I just finished my email to them and told them how disgusted I was with their customer service or lack thereof. They never responded to any of my emails that I sent regarding a return. The scam is they are waiting for the 30 days to be over with so that they don’t have to refund me anything on my order. I pray that Berrylook goes out of business. They’re just taking advantage of customers and is sad, but they will get what they deserved what goes around comes right back around it’s called karma baby.


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