Piggybacking on the 5 Social Media Marketing Do’s and Don’ts: My Response

Hello, beautiful people!

Today’s article is partly for a college assignment (hence why it’s coming out on a day I wouldn’t normally post), but also partly because I think this topic is very interesting. My lifelong goal has been to support myself as a full-time freelance writer, and with that freedom comes a ton of responsibility and strategy. If you really want your voice to be heard, you’re going to have to incorporate some form of marketing/social media tactics, no matter how talented of a writer you are. Especially since it’s so impossibly hard to keep somebody’s attention on the internet, let alone catch it in the first place.

I came across this fellow WordPress article by This Thing Called Fashion, and I really loved the way she summed up the whole process. I’ll also include her article link at the end of the page, if you’re interested in checking it out yourself!

First of all, the article highlights the importance of tagging businesses and people, but being sure not to do it in a spammy way. One of the quickest ways to drive away business is to over-exert yourself, because it can come across as desperate and excessive. Whenever I write an article about a well-known company or public figure, I do make a point of tagging them, but I also have to keep in mind they are not obligated to read my article. Sure, it would be an absolute honor, and it feels amazing when it happens, but it’s certainly not going to happen every time. Shoot your shot, and if your work goes unnoticed, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad writer. People are always busy doing something else, something more important, but it doesn’t mean your work is invalid for going unnoticed.

The article also makes a great point of encouraging content creators to stay social. Collaborations, liking comments, and reaching out to your followers are a great way to engage and make them feel like their input is valued. My WordPress article is also branched out into a twitter account, an instagram page, and occasionally, I’ll share my links on my personal facebook page. You have to start making connections somewhere, social media is a great place to start. Additionally, if someone leaves a comment on one of my articles (either criticizing it or praising it), I always try to make a point of acknowledging their feedback. If people are going to take the time to leave their thoughts on my content, then I consider myself responsible to at least leave them a reply, thanking them for their words/advice. (Also, ignore the trolls! They are undeserving of your attention).

I feel like this is often ignored or forgotten, so I’m glad the original author decided to bring this up. Give credit where credit is due! Unless I am writing a personal article that completely consists of my own thoughts and feelings, I will always have at least 1-2 sources to cite. You don’t always need to plug in an official MLA citation- most of the time, a simple website link will do just fine. It’s always better to overcite and undercite in my opinion; most people won’t mind you taking inspiration from their content, as long as you give them credit where credit is due. If you don’t cite them at all, well, they’re undoubtedly bound to be pissed off with you.

Last but not least, do take time out to understand your target audience. When you have a better idea of what subjects, headlines, and pictures will draw their attention, you are subsequently improving traffic and relevance to your site. Of course, your first priority should do what makes you happy, and write about what you’re passionate about, but you’re still going to want to attract an audience to read all your hard work. Be yourself, take pride in yourself, and connect with others- the rest will come naturally and organically.

Thank you so much for reading my article. Feel free to drop your own thoughts and feelings in the comments below, and let me know your own personal idealisms you live by in your personal marketing!

Original article: https://thisthingcalledfashion.com/2019/02/04/5-social-media-marketing-dos-and-donts-from-a-freelance-social-media-consultant/

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