Spring 2019 Moodboard

The first day of spring is coming up, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m a total nature girl, which makes sense, seeing how I have a spring birthday. Flowers, rain clouds, and seedlings hold a special place in my heart, and I’m grateful to experience these gifts in lovely, little New England.

With that being said, the direction my pinup style is going in this spring is actually quite ironic. I’ve been interested in the metal scene lately, especially bands like Opeth, Ghost, and In Flames. I still love pinup clothing, makeup, and hairstyles, but Spring 2019 is going to bring a bit of a gothic twist. In case you didn’t know, I recently had my hair dyed teal, which is adding up pretty nicely with my -ever-evolving a e s t h e t i c.

spring moodboard

Most of the clothes in this moodboard are actually items I found on Amazon that I’m planning on purchasing for myself, as soon as I have a bit of disposable income saved up. While I do love wearing all colors, I think that black will be the best color to complement my hair and the overall lewk I’m going for. I have quite a few black t-shirts of my favorite bands, and I think they’ll look super cute with heels and a pencil skirt. Speaking of heels, I absolutely LOVE those little platform heels with the bows on top. Aren’t they fantastic?

In regards to music, like I said, I’ve been really into Ghost, Opeth, Rush, and In Flames lately. This musical influence is really evident in both my clothing and personal idealisms- witchcraft, LaVeyan satanism, nature, and metal. I love taking these darker elements of my personality and combining it with my pinup aesthetic- I think it really makes for a unique twist of femininity with a metal smokiness. It certainly makes me feel very empowered and strong, while still remaining girly.

It might seem like a lot of changes to what I currently have going on, but I’ve been attached to green witchcraft, dark arts, and even gothic style since high school! I did have a “goth phase” in 2016, and this new direction is more or less just the new-and-improved version of that. My bumper bangs and bright red lips aren’t going anywhere!

If you have any band suggestions, clothing shops, or book suggestions for me, let me know! I’m always looking for new pursuits, in both fashion and arts. My spring lookbook is coming up April 1st, so you’ll get to see my newest fashion pieces and outfits very soon.

Coming up next: Women Crush Wednesday: Regina Spektor

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