Crystal Diary: The Unconditional Love of Emerald


Chakra: Heart

Birthstone: May

Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra

Planet: Mercury

Element: Earth

Typical Colors: Green

I love all crystals for their unique, marvelous purposes, but pink and green crystals are usually my absolute favorites. This is mostly because pink and green are my favorite colors, but also, the properties of the heart chakra really resonate with me. As you may have guessed, the best stones for the heart chakra are pink and green- including emerald, of course!

I think my love of emerald originates from my mother, because she wore a emerald wedding ring when she was married to my dad. I was totally mesmerized by the deep, royal color of the ring, and remember thinking when I was little that I wanted an emerald ring, too.

Related image

I may not have gotten my emerald ring yet, but, I do have a lovely tumbled emerald piece in my crystal collection! Tumbled emerald looks quite different than the deep, rich stone you may be visualizing, because it’s less saturated than what you would find on a fancy ring. To my knowledge, the tumbled emerald I own is “B grade”, because it’s a pale, opaque shade, rather than being bright and “true green.”

Nonetheless, it’s still emerald, and the healing properties of the stone still apply. Because emerald correlates with the heart chakra, it can help to promote love, romance, joy, and faith, along with a plethora of other wonderful things. Emerald is often called “the stone of domestic bliss,” or “the stone of successful love”, because it helps to enhance romantic love and loyalty. That’s not to say your partner won’t cheat on you just because you have emerald, but, people do say the stone changes color if infidelity is occuring. The chances of that being true are slim, but still, what a fun fact!

Emerald doesn’t just aid in love, loyalty, and bliss. It can also help you overcome physical ailments, like arthritis, blood pressure regulation, colds and flu, and overall heart health. As a whole, meditating with emerald promotes a healthy equilibrium for your physical, emotional, and mental health. I find that any type of heart-specific stone can be beneficial in promoting overall harmony and peace, and emerald is certainly no exception to this.

Image result for raw emerald

In regards to rarity, emerald is a very common stone, and can be purchased quite cheaply in a number of online and brick-and-mortar shops. Village Silversmith has a great crystal selection, if you live in the Boston area, but there are also plenty of awesome online shops. Etsy has some great shops, like Auramore and NewMoonBeginnings. I also really like getting crystals from Monk and Moon, because they always have an impressive collection of raw chunks. I do not yet have a raw chunk of emerald, so maybe that will be my next crystal endeavor!

No matter what your reason is for using emerald, I’m sure you will find that the crystal gives you a sense of peace and unconditional love. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but the more you practice self-care and meditation, the easier the love will flow to you.


Pictures:, Crystal Cactus

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