Why I’m Not Vegan Anymore, and Why I Decided to go “Veggan” Instead

Short answer: Because my energy levels are suffering, because there is a such thing as eating humane eggs, and because I can.

Long answer: Normally, I wouldn’t dedicate an entire article solely to justifying myself and my lifestyle, but because veganism is such an extensive part of this blog, I feel like I owed it to you guys. And in complete transparency, my eating styles are hardly going to change at all as a result of eating “veggan.” I am still going to be posting tons of healthy vegan recipes, produce guides, and overall tips for eating a delicious plant-based diet. The only difference is, I have decided to reintroduce organic, ethically-raised, locally-sourced eggs back into my diet. (Hence the name v“egg”an!). One of the biggest reasons I went vegan in the first place is because I have an enormous respect for animals, and by going “veggan”, I do not want to compromise that respect. I’ve already gotten some flack from people who were supposed to be my “friends” for this decision, so let me explain to you why I, and many other conscious eaters, have decided to take this step in their diet.

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Like I said, the veggan diet is very similar to a vegan diet- I have just reintroduced locally-sourced eggs from home-raised chickens. This means I still do not consume meat, dish, dairy, honey, gelatin, or any other animal by products in both my food and clothing (no silk, wool and leather for me, either). And even though I have reintroduced eggs, I have been very adamant that the eggs I consume are ethically sourced, local, and organic. That means I’m not going to pull up to McDonald’s or Subway any time soon and order myself an egg sandwich; the only eggs I have consumed (and intend to consume) are sourced from small, humane farms in my community. There is, of course, animal cruelty in the egg industry, and like any ethical plant-based eater, I abstain from those buying habits as a moral, personal choice. I completely understand how a vegan would feel disrespected by someone calling themselves a “veggan” because it definitely can come across as being ignorant. I really want to make it very clear that I have put a lot of research into distinguishing commercially farmed eggs from home-raised ones, so if you are interested in learning more about cruelty in the egg industry (and how to avoid it), I’ll leave some links below.

Finally, to answer the question I’m sure a lot of you may have, why did I decide to reintroduce eggs?

The biggest reason has to do with my energy levels, which are depleted more quickly than other peoples’ due to other conditions I am currently dealing with. Psychically, while veganism has been incredible for me in strengthening my hair and nails, brightening my skin, and even helping me slim up a bit, I have noticed a definite decline in my overall energy levels. And yes, while it is possible to have adequate energy on a strict vegan diet, it requires a lot of effort and emphasis supplements and vitamins, like B complex and iron, to achieve. It’s easy for some people, but for me, it’s simply something I have struggled with a lot, even with the additional supplements. In 2019 alone, I’ve already experienced an iron deficiency that totally destroyed my energy levels and kept me in bed for most of the day. Now that I’m back home for the summer and I want to start exercising regularly, I just can’t afford to be feeling so exhausted and fatigued all the time. Not only is it not good for me physically, but emotionally, it has also taken a toll. Eggs, as you may know, are a fantastic source of B-12 and iron, and are also a complete protein. For my current lifestyle, current location, and current health, being a “veggan” is simply the best option for me.

Does that mean I’m never going to be vegan again? Of course not! It’s still an ultimate goal I would like to achieve again someday, when my personal circumstances and independence has improved. But in the meantime, if I have the opportunity to eat ethically-sourced, humane-raised eggs that support small farms in my area, I am going to utilize that without feeling any guilt. And trust me, coming to this hard decision did raise a lot of guilt on my part.

On the topic of guilt, a few of my other plant-based “friends” have reached out to me to express their distaste with my decision, but at the end of the day, it’s my body, and my choice to make. It’s not a competition to see who can be the best vegan, or who can be the most ethical eater. I still consider myself to be eating a moral, plant-based diet, and that’s good enough for me. I mention this for all the folks who will be tempted to leave their own unsolicited advice under this article- suggestions are fine, but if you’re going to bash me for my diet/lifestyle choices, maybe you should try to reread this article with a more empathetic heart.

I hope this article has been informative for you to read! Like I said, I will leave links at the bottom of the page if you are interested in learning about how to eat ethically, even if that does mean eating eggs. No matter what you do in life, always strive for what’s right in your circumstances, and what will make you the most happy. At the end of the day, your happiness is what truly matters when it comes to your body.

On a side note: I know my blog key still says “My Vegan Journal”, but I haven’t been able to find a way to change it. I am working on it, though, and will adjust it to say “My Plant-Based Journal” as soon as possible!

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