My Super Sleepy Nighttime Routine

My morning routine came out last week, and genuinely had such a good time putting it together, it seemed right to make a nighttime routine as well! Just like my mornings, my nighttime routine can vary daily depending on the day. Sometimes I like to pamper myself with bubble baths and movies before beds, and other times, I’m out late with my friends and the only thing I bother to do before getting into bed is just taking off my makeup.

Taking off my makeup, actually, really is the only task I will do FAITHFULLY. There is absolutely no way in hell I will get into bed with makeup on my face, no matter how tired I am. I also absolutely cannot go to bed until I’ve taken all my pills, because even forgetting them for one day can give me really aggressive side effects. If you’d like me to put together a complete article all about Lexapro and how it has affected me, let me know in the comments!

Anyhow, like I said, removing my makeup and taking all my pills are the two most essential steps in my nightly routine. My current favorite makeup wipes are these Crystal Melon ones by Pacifica, which is a vegan beauty company based in Oregon. The wipes smell truly amazing, like some kind of fruity smoothie, and they remove even the toughest mascara and full-coverage foundation off of my skin. After that I’ll do just normal bathroom washing, like brushing my teeth and washing my face. And if I discover I have a pimple, hey, I’ll probably mess around with that for ten minutes or so.


Something I did tonight (Tuesday the seventh) that I usually only do once a week is straighten my hair. Like I said last week, I only wash my hair on Tuesday nights, and after letting it air dry for a few hours, I give it a really solid flat ironing. I have a lot of hair to flat iron, and it usually takes around 30-60 minutes, so I like to pass the time by listening to audio books and podcasts. I talk a lot about self-care and pampering on this blog, and for me, doing my hair is just another relaxing way for me to take care of myself.

Before…and after.

The next thing I’m doing tonight, and what I do on many nights, is fill my oil diffuser with water and essential oil- usually something relaxing and sleepy, like lavender. Surprisingly, even though I have an anxiety disorder, I actually sleep very well throughout the night and can fall asleep very easily. I partly (mostly) attribute this to having ASMR/Bob Ross videos on, but additionally, I think aromatherapy can really help in aiding with sleep. Tonight I used Silver Fir essential oil in my diffuser, because I’m feeling very nostalgic for the winter months. If you’re interested in getting an oil diffuser, I’ll leave the link to where I got mine below.


I don’t do this every night, but I try to sit down with my crystals and cleanse them at least a couple times per week. If you are an avid crystal user like me, then you know that stones need constant cleansing to restore their energy and help deplete them of any negativity they may have picked up. You can do this by using water, sunlight, moonlight, or just focusing positive intentions on your crystals. Depending on which stones I’m cleansing, I like to use a mixture of all four of those methods. I also occasionally like to set up crystal grids, and hand-pick the crystals that I think will particularly aid me for that week. If you’re unfamiliar with crystal grids, I’ll leave a link to a great video below that describes the concept very well. The crystals I have chosen for my grid this week are selenite, citrine, emerald, clear quartz, smoky quartz, hematite, and black tourmaline, which will harmoniously work together to detox and energize me. At least, I sure hope it will, because I’ve been needing energy to get through the intensive new workout regime I’ve started this summer!

I love having my plants right above my bed on my windowsill!

The last thing I do before bed is water my plants, assuming they’re dry and they need a drink. My newest sprouts, which are tomato, sage, sunflower, and silver daisies, get generous water every night. My succulents only get watered once a week, because over-watering those types of plants can effectively kill them. I’ve been absolutely obsessed with plants lately, as you may have guessed, and I truly get excited when I see them growing with my love and care. I’ve heard people say that positive reinforcement can help plants grow, so while I water them, I like to remind my plants how beautiful they are and how big and strong they’re going to grow. Am I a weirdo?

That’s more or less everything I like to achieve in a calming, restorative nighttime routine. Every night is a little different, like I said, but my main goals are to take care of everything around me, like my crystals and plants, and most importantly, take care of myself. I have four favorite channels that I rotate listening to before bed: Bob Ross, WhispersRed ASMR, Vsauce, and The Buddhist Society of Western Australia. I think tonight is going to be a Bob Ross kind of night, and honestly, I think my plants feel relaxed by his voice, too.

That concludes my average nighttime routine. Goodnight, sleep tight, and I’ll see you all on Thursday!

(Note: I don’t think I officially announced this yet, but my summer posting schedule is going to be Tuesdays and Thursdays, with a few extra articles sprinkled in!)

Oil diffuser:

More about crystal grids:


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