Does Crystal Healing Actually Work?

As many of you know, crystals and stones are a major part of my life. I love to collect them, research them, and use them in practical application. But what is “crystal healing”? And do I actually believe in it?

Short answer: Kinda.

Long answer: First and foremost, let’s establish what crystal healing actually is. In a broad sense, crystal power refers to the belief that the vibrations of crystals and stones can positively line up with our bodily energy field. I do believe that there is truth to this- as Nikola Tesla said, everything vibrates, everything has energy, everything has frequency. Crystals, in their fragile, exquisite state, are excellent sources of positive energy and enlightenment. Crystal healing has been used since the beginning of time in ancient civilizations, including the ancient Egyptians. There’s a lot of fascinating research on the history of crystals in culture- I highly recommend looking into it!

A lot of crystal healing is dependent on thinking. If you think your crystals have healing potential, the more likely they are to amplify positive thoughts. Or, in even simpler terms, if you think it will work, it probably just will (aka the placebo effect).

For the record, there’s nothing wrong or derogatory about crystal healing being based on placebo. If you’re still getting that sense of relaxation and inner peace…why does it even matter?

One of my newest crystal additions, a raw chunk of citrine!

I’ve had many enlightening experiences with my crystals, but it’s hard to say whether or not it was an actual scientific experience of crystal enlightenment. There isn’t really a way to prove that crystal healing really works on, say, a molecular level, so it’s definitely up to the interpretation of the person using the crystals. For me, I like to believe that my experiences are mostly placebo, but I never completely exclude the possibility that the vibrations of the crystals affect my energy field.

There are particular crystals that I feel a strong, unexplainable attraction to, such as bloodstone and green aventurine. These crystals heighten certain emotions in me- peace, happiness, tranquility, and ultimately, anxiety relief. My attachment and love for these stones undeniably heighten the fact that they “work” for me. It goes back to the placebo effect- if you want something to work, it probably will, even if there is no scientific backing behind it. It doesn’t really matter to me either way- I still love to meditate with my crystals after a stressful day, or pop a couple in my bag on my way out the door. If something is working for you and creating a positive impact on your life, why not indulge in it and accept it? And even more importantly, why bother tearing it apart and questioning it? I try not to think about whether or not what I’m experiencing is actually scientific, because at the end of the day, it simply doesn’t matter to me.

Whether or not crystal healing is “real”, I still enjoy writing about it, exploring the different believed properties, and using the stones in practical application. I really, truly love taking care of the gifts of nature- animals, plants, and especially crystals. Crystal collecting and healing is a beautiful hobby to pick up, because there is such an abundance of information on crystals and how we can interact with them on an emotional level. Whether or not you actually believe in them, it’s impossible not to admire their delicate, graceful beauty.

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