Hush Makeup Update: How am I Liking the Products After Three Months?

It’s been a HOT MINUTE since I’ve given you guys an update on the makeup I ordered from Hush. I did give you guys my initial thoughts, but now that three months have gone by…I have some new thoughts and opinions for you. Basically, I’m going to go through every product I’ve purchased, how I originally rated the product, and how I feel about it now that I’ve really been able to give all the products a chance.


Also noteworthy to add, especially if you’re interested in any of these products: the Hush app has been out of service for at least two months now. They claim to be doing maintenance work on the site, but that still seems fishy to me, especially since they aren’t answering customer questions and concerns. They’ve been super MIA about the entire situation, which is annoying (and in my opinion), disrespectful to the people who support the site and spend money on the products. I don’t know when (or if) the site will be back, so I just wanted to give you guys a heads up about that situation. Anyhow, moving onto the makeup!


Product: HD Pro Corrector Highlighter

Brand: LA Girl

Original price: $4.00

What I paid: $0.00

My thoughts then: If you spend more than $35 on Hush, you are graciously awarded with a  randomized free gift. I was expecting the consistency of this product to be thick and opaque, because it’s branded as a concealer, but it’s actually very similar to a liquid highlighter. I actually prefer this liquid formula to a powder one, because it goes on much less cakey and offers more of a glowy sheen. Like I said, I also got it for free, so there isn’t much to complain about!

My thoughts now: Like I said, this was a freebie product I got with my initial order, so I didn’t get to pick it out. Had I been able to choose, I probably would have not gone with this product. Like I said, it’s not thick or opaque enough to be used as an actual concealer, but you can use it to add some general shimmer to your face. I re-gifted this to my mom pretty much immediately after trying it, and as far as I’m concerned, she’s still happy with it. If you did want to try it for yourself, I imagine this product is available at other retail stores where LA girl is regularly sold, like a typical drugstore or possibly Ulta.

Product: Illuminating Face Powder (Amber Nectar)

Brand: Milani

Original price: $9.00

What I paid: $4.86

My thoughts then: Most of the time, I’m just a pinky blush kind of gal. I don’t use browns and contours on my face, because it usually looks too dark and muddy, but I decided to try this powder to chisel out my cheekbones. It’s pigmented, but not too dark, and it gave my cheeks a warm, rosy glow. I think this powder might actually end up replacing my blush altogether!

My thoughts now: I still love this powder, because it feels like three products rolled into one. The powder has some golden brown tones, which serves as a nice bronzer, and the pink tones work fabulously as a subtle blush. You could also in theory use it as a general powder to mattify your foundation, but I still prefer to use my e.l.f translucent white powder. For less than five dollars, I am still extremely satisfied with this this powder. You can pick it up at both Ulta and the drugstore, as well!

Product: Cleansing Water: Be Clean, Be Moist

Brand: Huxley

Original price: $25.00

What I paid: $15.00

My thoughts then: Out of all the products I ordered, this was actually the first one I tried! I used it to remove my makeup, right before my usual nightly shower, and followed it up directly with the rose water cleansing foam I’ll mention in a bit. Some of the products I ordered are Korean beauty, including this one, but I’m pretty sure everything I purchased is cruelty-free (albeit, some of the bottles I ordered are printed in Korean, so I’m not positive). Upon first impressions, I actually really like this product. It removed my makeup cleanly in just a few swipes, and it carries a light, clean scent. I haven’t noticed any irritation with my skin either, so I’m going to continue using it. The only thing it caused on my face was a little bit of redness, but that could just be due to rubbing it quite a bit on my face.

My thoughts now: This is another product I have continued to use after my initial thoughts, though admittedly, I have been using it less. The cleanser feels very-oil based, which isn’t great if you already have oily skin, like me! I’ve also noticed that the scent also lingers on my face for quite a while after applying it, so if heavily scented products irritate you, I wouldn’t recommend this cleansing water. That being said, it does take off my makeup pretty quickly and easily, hence why I still continue to use it from time to time.

Product: Cherry Lava Purify Mask

Brand: Pacifica

Original price: $14.00

What I paid: $8.40

My thoughts then: There are quite a few things I really like about this mask. First of all, the smell is sweet and fruity without being overwhelming- Pacifica is very eco-friendly and natural in that regard. I also really like the consistency of this mask- it’s smooth, covers nicely, and was extremely easy to wash off. It didn’t feel uncomfortable or thick on my skin, and surprisingly didn’t leave a lot of redness behind when I washed it off. I really love the brand Pacifica, for both their ethics and the quality of their products. This will definitely be a mask I reach for again!

My thoughts now: Pacifica is still one of my favorite brands, and this mask is no exception. I’ll probably be using it more now that I’m home from college, because I absolutely love to put on a face mask while I’m in the bath. If you’re looking for a facial mask that’s ethically-sourced, vegan, and smells amazing, I would definitely recommend this one! Pacifica is available online, and additionally, you can find quite a few of their products at Ulta.

Product: Face Primer (Poreless)

Brand: E.L.F

Original price: $6.00

What I paid: $3.60

My thoughts then: I’ve used E.L.F primers in the past, and I haven’t been disappointed yet. The last primer I used was the tone-adjusting one (the green one), and while I liked what it did for my face, it started to develop a funny smell very quickly. Luckily, this poreless primer has been working flawlessly so far, and I haven’t detected any odd smells. My skin is very oily, as I’ve said, so I definitely prefer using these cream primers over oil-based ones. I would recommend any and all of the E.L.F primers to anyone!

My thoughts now: I used this primer right up until the last drop, and can happily report that it never developed a funky smell over time. I wish E.LF would make larger-sized primer bottles, because I seriously went through this one in about a month and a half. I have notoriously oily skin, so any time I find a primer that works for me, I cling onto it immediately. Right now I’m using the E.L.F brightening primer, because I’m on a mission to try all of their cream primers before I pick a favorite. As of right now, it’s a tie between poreless and brightening, but I probably wouldn’t purchase the tone-adjusting one again.

Product: Primer Oil

Brand: City Color

Original price: $9.00

What I paid: $5.40

My thoughts then: I liked this primer in theory, because it looked like it would be very nourishing on the skin. That being said, the skin on my face is constantly very oily, so counteracting it with another oil probably wasn’t the smartest move on my part. If you have dry skin, or even normal skin, this probably would work extremely well on you. Unfortunately, us oily folks will have to carry on without. The primer itself did feel very smooth and fresh on my skin, but it added quite a bit of shine to my already shiny face.

My thoughts now: Just like the concealer, I re-gifted this product to my mom after I opened it and inspected the consistency. I’m happy to report that she absolutely loves this stuff, so if you struggle with dry (or even normal) skin, I’d recommend this primer on her behalf. But I think for now, I’m going to stick with my trusted E.L.F primers to keep my own skin supple and oil-free.

Product: Cleansing Foam + Makeup Remover (Rose Water + Pearl Essence)

Brand: Joss+Lyn

Original price: $10.00

What I paid: $6.00

My thoughts then: Similarly to the cleansing water, this product is also Korean beauty. I used it as a facial cleanser in the shower immediately after removing my makeup, just to make sure all the leftover oil and gunk was out of my face. I really like the foamy, softly fragrant formula of this product- it feels extremely luxurious and thick on the skin. I needed to use a little bit more of the product than I thought I would,  because the bubbles dispersed and thinned quite quickly, but I’m still happy with what it did for my skin.

My thoughts now: My usage of this product, like the cleansing water, has also dwindled over the past few weeks. Like I mentioned before, the actual foaming properties disappear almost immediately after dispersing onto the face, and at that point, there isn’t much product left to actually cleanse your face with. You’ll definitely need to use 3-4 pumps of this if you actually want to wash your face with it! As for the pros, however, it has a beautiful rosy fragrance, it’s cruelty-free (like everything I bought), and it leaves my skin feeling really soft.


Product: Step By Step Renewing Foot Balm

Brand: Formula 10.0.6

Original price: $6.00

What I paid: $3.60

My thoughts then: Like you’ll hear me say numerous times, I really like the brand Formula 10.0.6. I haven’t been disappointed by one of their products yet, and this one is no exception. I love to pamper myself after a long day, and this balm is perfect to use after a hot shower. Slather it on your feet, slip into a pair of fuzzy socks, and treat yourself to a good night’s sleep.

My thoughts now: As someone who has been spending more and more time on their feet (exercising and dog walking), this is definitely a product I have continued to use after my initial thoughts. Because I wear a lot of platform heels. the skin around my ankles can become especially raw and dry on almost a daily basis. If I rub some of this balm on my ankles before bed, and then slip into a pair of socks, I wake up with ultra-soft feet that last all day. If you also find your feet getting a little beat up from high heels, I definitely suggest buying some sort of balm to help rejuvenate your skin.

Product: Butter Up Moisturizing Body Stick

Brand: Formula 10.0.6

Original price: $10.00

What I paid: $6.00

My thoughts then: Not only does this body stick work really well, but it’s also quite fun to use. There’s something about sliding a buttery stick across your arm that I find very satisfying, especially when it smells like coconut and vanilla. It’s skincare luxury. I really like the brand Formula 10.0.06; their sweet-smelling creams and lotions remind me a lot of Pacifica Beauty. One thing it’s already helped me with is a dry patch on my ankle, where my heels usually rub at the skin. I rubbed some of the lotion on that spot before I went to bed last night, and now, my feet are as soft as ever. This product is essentially just a gigantic chapstick for your arms and legs, and I’m looking forward to using it more.

My thoughts now: No surprise here, I still really like this lotion, and utilize it just as much as the foot balm to pamper my legs. Formula 10.0.6 is cruelty-free, which I love, and you can find a lot of their products at Ulta, if you’re interested.


Product: Sinfully Angelic Felt-tip Eyeliner

Brand: LA Splash

Original price: $14.00

What I paid: $8.40

My thoughts then: This is not a bad eyeliner by any means, but I do prefer my Stila felt tip liner more than this one. The LA Splash eyeliner is great for creating a sharp line, but the black is not very opaque, and requires more than one coat to make the line dark enough. Like I said, however, the liner is very easy to use, and would be great for a beginner who is just learning to wing their eyeliner.

My thoughts now: I know I really gave this eyeshadow a bad rep at the beginning, but as I used it more, I actually discovered I really like it. The pigment did get darker after I started using it a few times, and after the liner ran out of color, I just pulled out the tip with some tweezers, flipped it around, and put it back in (by the way, I was so excited when I figured out you can do this). The liner has lasted me all three months- I actually just tossed it out today, and I take back most of the complaints I immediately issued.

Product: Retro Love Eyeshadow Palette

Brand: Bad Habit

Original price: $12.00

What I paid: $7.20

My thoughts then: This palette, of course, is designed to be a dupe for the Subculture palette by ABH. I’ve never actually used the Subculture palette, but for $42, I’ve heard its dusty, messy, and not really worth the price. So far, I actually really like this dupe, and the fact that I got it for seven dollars is even more mind-boggling. I did notice a little bit of kickback in the pan, but it was nothing serious, and there wasn’t any fallout when I applied the eye shadow. The colors are also extremely pigmented, and similar to ABH in that regard. Overall, this is a win for me.

My thoughts now: This palette, although inexpensive, genuinely does feel like a higher-end product. I would compare the quality to a Lorac or Nyx eyeshadow palette- very pigmented, with a little bit of fallout (but not too much that it’s a problem). I like that there is a wide variety of colors in this palette, even though they did directly take them from the Subculture palette. If you tried the ABH palette and had problems with it, I would recommend giving this one a try. It’s really cheap, made in the USA, but also delivers really incredible quality. I believe Bad Habit has a website, but that might also be down while Hush is out of service. I sure hope not, because I would like to purchase more of their products in the future.

Product: Tinted Brow Mascara (Chocolate)

Brand: NYX

Original price: $7.00

What I paid: $4.20

My thoughts then: You really can’t go wrong with a tinted mascara for the brows. Mine especially are extremely sparse after so much plucking, so I really need to add some extra volume before I leave the house (otherwise, I look like a hard-boiled egg). I especially love the brand NYX because their brand is vegan-friendly, and all of their products are cruelty free.

My thoughts now: As I’m sure most of you know, I’ve been shaving off my eyebrows pretty regularly for a while now. I don’t have a use for this product anymore, because there aren’t any hairs for me to tint, so I did indeed re-gift this product. I love NYX and trust all of their product’s quality, so if I did have eyebrows, I would probably be using this on the daily.

Product: Elf Eye Brushes (Blending Brush)

Brand: E.L.F

Original price: $3.00

What I paid: $1.80

My thoughts then: I’m always on the hunt for a new blending brush. Right now, my favorite brushes are the ones I got in a Bad Habit bundle, but I do enjoy E.L.F brushes as well. I probably should have thought it through about ordering in the mail, though- the packaging of the product slightly flattened the brush. Nonetheless, it still works fine, and blended my eye shadow to a dream. And, of course, it’s insanely cheap.

My thoughts now: I love using this brush to pack on eyeshadow and pressed pigment, because the product takes to the brush very well and the residue washes off quickly with just a dry towel. It’s not fluffy enough to be used as a blending brush, but I do love using it to apply deeper, richer colors into my crease. For only three dollars, I am happy with how it performs, and still continue to use it every time I do my eyeshadow.

Product: Brow Kit (Dark)

Brand: LA Girl

Original price: $8.00

What I paid: $4.80

My thoughts then: I’ve been using the ABH brow pomade since high school, and I think that will always be my #1 go-to for brows. That being said, it’s not exactly designed for smoldering hot summer weather and sweaty foreheads. I wanted to try out a powder formula as a backup plan for the summer, with the hopes of avoiding having shiny eyebrows. I really do enjoy this product so far- it’s opaque, smooth, and easy to use. I also really love that the kit includes a tiny brush and some wax for your eyebrows- mine certainly do like to fly out all over the place if I don’t wax them down.

My thoughts now: This brow kit has absolutely become a staple in my eyebrow routine. The first thing I do is create a rough shape with the medium brown powder, then go over the powder with my ABH brow pomade, leaving out the inner part to create a fade effect. Then, to set it, I go back in with the darker brown to make sure it doesn’t move around during the day.

Product: False Lashes Pack of 5 (#601)

Brand: J Lash

Original price: $9.00

What I paid: $5.40

My thoughts then: I’ve been wearing fake eyelashes pretty much on the daily for about six months. I still struggle with the application, so if that also sounds like you, these could be the eyelashes for you. They’re soft, wispy, and easy to apply, making my morning routine much faster. They’re almost a little too natural for my taste; I like to go full-out with dramatic, pinup eyelashes, but I’m enjoying using them nonetheless.

My thoughts now: I figured out pretty quickly that these eyelashes are too wispy for my liking. There’s nothing actually wrong with them- they’re pretty decent quality- but I personally just prefer for my eyelashes to be dramatic and powerful!

Product: Vice Eyeshadow Palette

Brand: Face Candy

Original price: $12.00

What I paid: $5.04

My thoughts then: I haven’t been disappointed by a Hush eyeshadow palette yet, and this Face Candy palette is no exception. It’s amazing to me that their products are so affordable, because the palettes to perform amazingly. This particular palette is an array of purples, silvers, and a stunning gold, as you can see. The formula is buttery and pigmented, with extremely minimal fallout. I’m excited to pick this palette up again for some 1930s-40s themed looks.

My thoughts now: As I’ve started to really explore playing around with bright, shimmery colors, this is a palette that I simply love using for purple eyeshadow looks. This palette, along with the Zulu palette by Juvia’s Place, both pack a ton of pigment with very fallout. Because Face Candy is a smaller, indie brand, I unfortunately don’t know where to get more of their products now that the Hush app is down. Let me know if you find another site that their palettes are available on!

The purples in the Vice palette are absolutely stunning.

Product: Pin-Up Tease Boudoir Mascara

Brand: NYX

Original price: $6.00

What I paid: $3.60

My thoughts then: Despite the fact that I’ve been wearing mascara since middle school, I still struggle with getting huge globs of product all over my eyelids. That being said, this product is really easy to use, and the wand is light and delicate. Good news: I have somehow managed to not to stab myself in the eye yet using this mascara! And, of course, I had to purchase it because it’s called the pin up tease. Could this be my new favorite mascara ever?

My thoughts now: I started out really liking this product, and I do like the way it looks on my eyelashes, but there is one problem I have with it that really prevents me from using it. Even with makeup wipes and oil, this mascara is a total bitch to get off my face. I ended up having to rub so hard, my actual eyelashes were starting to get sparse and fall off. I haven’t picked it up in a while, because nobody’s eyes deserve that much scrubbing!


Product: Plush Bow Headband (Pink)

Brand: Spa Solutions

Original price: $5.00

What I paid: $3.00

My thoughts then: This is just a cute ‘lil headband, so there’s not much negative I can say about it. Anything pink,  fluffy, and girly will catch my eye, so this is no exception. I’m not planning on rocking it out on a Friday night, but I have been using it to keep my hair out of my face when I do my makeup.

My thoughts now: Nothing has changed! It’s still cute, pink, fluffy, and very much my style.

That is everything! As you can see, some of my thoughts have changed now that I’ve given all the products a chance, but ultimately, I think I got a great batch of makeup that was well worth the money. Like I said, I don’t know if Hush is coming back, but a lot of these products can also be found at drugstores and Ulta if you are interested.

IMG_8941 (1).JPG
I used some of the warmer tones in the Retro Love Palette to create this look.

2/13/19 Thoughts

GREAT: Illuminating Face Powder, Cherry Lava Purify Mask, E.L.F Face Primer, Moisturizing Body Stick, Retro Love Eyeshadow Palette, Dark Brow Kit, Vice Eyeshadow Palette

GOOD: HD Pro Corrector Highlighter, Cleansing Water, Cleansing Foam + Makeup Remover, Tinted Brow Mascara, Blending Brush, False Eyelashes, Pin Up Tease Mascara, Plush Headband

NOT QUITE GOOD FOR ME: Primer Oil, Felt Tip Eyeliner

5/22/19 Thoughts

GREAT: Illuminating Face Powder, Cherry Lava Purify Mask, E.L.F Face Primer, Moisturizing Body Stick, Retro Love Eyeshadow Palette, Dark Brow Kit, Vice Eyeshadow Palette, Blending Brush

GOOD: HD Pro Corrector Highlighter, Cleansing Water, Cleansing Foam + Makeup Remover, Plush Headband, Felt Tip Eyeliner

NOT QUITE GOOD FOR ME: Primer Oil, Pin Up Tease Mascara, Tinted Brow Mascara, False Eyelashes

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