Malachite: Letting Go of Trauma

Malachite is a crystal I have wanted to add to my collection since the beginning, and now that I have it, I’m so excited to study it and eventually start working with it. I love all crystals, but pink and green crystals in particular resonate with me the most. It probably has something to do with the fact that pink and green are my favorite colors, and also, those colors correlate with the heart chakra. Green stones can also symbolize abundance- abundance of love, joy, and spirit.

Malachite is believed to carry extraordinary healing abilities. It’s all about holding onto good vibes and living in the moment, but when necessary, reminds us to turn over a new leaf. The stone channels new, spiritual growth, and “prunes off” the brambles holding you back.

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A stunning close-up shot of polished malachite.

Malachite not only symbolizes emotional growth, but also promotes and celebrates the growth of nature. I love to set different crystals around my plants, so malachite, selenite, and moss agate have been my go-tos lately. Malachite is perfect for plants and gardens because it draws out impurities and fixates on the beauty of the flowers, trees, roots, and plants.

In regards to physical healing, malachite is considered excellent for female energy. Some people believe that malachite can help lessen the pain of menstrual cramps, sexual dis-ease, and even labor pains! To me, meditating while on my menstrual cycle is a form of low-stress, healthy self-love. If I am ever feeling particularly stressed or plagued by my menstrual cycle (which happens often due to PMDD), I love to sit cross-legged on my bed and meditate with a few crystals. If you also struggle with a hormonal imbalance, I would definitely recommend adding malachite to your crystal collection. Other physical healing properties associated with malachite include relieving cold sweats, malaria, trembling/Parkinson’s disease, asthma, and kidney problems.

While malachite is most often associated with the heart chakra because of its color, you can also use it to promote energy flow in your Third Eye to activate visualization and psychic awareness. Malachite is also excellent for the solar plexus chakra, because it facilitates deep, emotional healing, and releases negative energy/old traumas. Obviously, all of these reports are based off of opinions and personal experiences, but if you are someone who suffers from trauma-based anxiety (like me), you might find some solace in meditating with this stone. I love all my crystals, but malachite truly is a stone that I have an extra-strong relationship with. Malachite really vibes with me, and it’s a stone I enjoy reaching for in times of emotional distress or pain of the past.

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Important information to know about malachite: while some stones can be combined with water to make elixir, you should NEVER consume malachite. You should also only use polished or tumbled malachite, as the raw form and dust particles can be toxic. Malachite is an easy stone to purchase, and can be found in bulk on a variety of different websites. I actually purchased my tumbled malachite from a seller Amazon, and I am so happy with the quality and size of the stone! Like I’ve said before, Village Silversmith is my favorite place to purchase crystals, but they are only readily available in the New England area. Amazon does have some surprisingly good options, and there are a multitude of Etsy shops that will offer the stone as well.

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