I Bought Jeffree Star’s Blue Blood Palette, and This is What I Think


You guys, I am so excited to finally have my hands on this palette. I’ve had my eye on the Blue Blood palette from the first launch, which is around the same time I started to get really interested in bright, avant-garde makeup. Today I’m going to walk you through my entire experience and thoughts about the palette, from the moment I ordered it to the performance of the colors.

I ordered the palette on the third launch, which was on Friday, May 31st. I placed my order within minutes of the restock, because I wasn’t sure how quickly it would sell out. I also ordered the Magic Star concealer in the shade C0, which is a pure white shade. Of course, I’ll be telling you my thoughts on the concealer as well!

The palette retails for $52, and the concealer is $22. I also paid $10 for standard shipping, so altogether, my online order was $84.

Because I ordered on a Friday, my order didn’t start processing until the following Monday morning. I believe the order shipped between Tuesday and Wednesday, and I received it in the mail on Saturday, June 8th. The confirmation email kept me up to date on the location of my package, and honestly, I’m happy with how quickly it shipped. I’ve read other folks’ reviews, and it seems like shipping can take up to two weeks for some orders (and even higher shipping costs).

My order came in a bright pink box, so I immediately knew that it was for me! The palette and the concealer were packaged nicely in tissue paper and cardboard containers, and I also received an invoice with my order details. I also received this lovely little card, to which my dog enjoyed ripping off a poor guy’s head on the left.


The palette was exactly the size and color I expected it to be, but much more lightweight than I anticipated. For whatever reason, I assumed that the palette would be made of a hard plastic, but it’s actually a very firm cardboard. Nonetheless, it feels very sturdy and expensive, although the cardboard arrived slightly dented on the bottom. The concealer, as I expected, comes in a hard plastic tube. I absolutely LOVE the design of the tube- it looks so expensive and royal! I will say, the concealer is a tad smaller than I expected it to be. As you can see, it’s very similar in size to Shape Tape concealer, but the Magic Star concealer is thinner in diameter. In regards to size, it feels more like a lip gloss than a $22 concealer, but that’s my only criticism.


First off, let’s talk about the formula of the Blue Blood palette. Like all of Jeffree’s products, this palette is vegan and cruelty-free. As I expected, the colors are extremely pigmented and bright, and most of them blended beautifully on my eyes. I swatched the first row of colors with my fingers, so you can have an idea of what the color payoff looks like. Some of the lighter mattes felt a little chalky, but all the metallic pigments are fantastic, and the darker mattes were great for the most part. The metallics did have quite a bit of fallout, especially the shades Crystal Flesh and Ocean Ice, but this is normal with super-pigmented powders. As long as you can tolerate a little bit of fallout, you will love this palette. The colors were also super blendable and creamy on the eyes, so I had a great time working with them.


On a scale of 1-10, I would give this palette a solid 8. As I said, there were a few minor issues, like the chalkiness on some of the lighter mattes, and the fallout. I couldn’t help but compare this palette to my Juvia’s Place Zulu palette, which has even more pigment, and no fallout at all. If the Zulu palette is a 10, then I am comfortable giving Blue Blood an 8. It’s definitely a palette I will be reaching for many times, and probably one of my top 3 favorite palettes that I own to date.


Now, let me touch on the Magic Star concealer. I was much more forgiving about the size of the tube after I swatched it on my hand- it’s very pigmented, almost like acrylic paint, so I won’t need to use very much of it. Although a pure white concealer may seem too pale, it actually is a perfect tone when I blend it on top of my foundation. I also used it as a base on my eyelid, and to cut the crease after I applied my shadow. When I applied the concealer on my face, it blended fantastically, but it didn’t blend as well on my eyelid. I could definitely see the creases in my hooded eyelid after I applied it, which usually doesn’t happen when I use my Shape Tape concealer. When I tried to blend it out on my eyes, it looked a bit patchy, so I had to go in with another layer of product to get it to my desired smoothness. Besides that, I’m really happy with how the concealer performed, and I’m definitely going to keep using it.


Ultimately, I am really happy with the quality of the products. This was my first time trying anything by Jeffree Star, and I was so satisfied, I decided to go back on the site and order the Equality mini lipstick bundle, too. I’ll be sure to write a detailed review about those as well when they arrive!

Like I said, there were a few minor things that I didn’t like, but these are certainly high-quality products that I would recommend to anybody. I’d love to hear about your experiences shopping Jeffree Star Cosmetics, so leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics website: https://jeffreestarcosmetics.com/

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