The Jeffree Star Mini Rainbow Bundle: My Honest Thoughts

I’ve recently discovered that I love writing makeup reviews, so I couldn’t help sharing my thoughts about the Jeffree Star Mini Rainbow lipsticks. And listen, I know Jeffree Star is problematic, mean, and has a racist past. He’s certainly not a fantastic role model but he does make awesome cosmetics. For the most part.

I was pretty satisfied with my last Jeffree Star Cosmetics purchase, the Blue Blood palette, so I had reasonable expectations for the lipsticks. I’ve heard good things about them from my friends who have purchased his lipsticks, and I was excited by the amount of colors that came in the bundle. The lipsticks are also safe to use on you eyes, which I have done many times thus far! 

First off, let me start from the beginning. I placed my order on June 8th, and it came in the mail midday on June 13th. The bundle retails for $52, and I paid $12.86 in shipping, so altogether, my order cost $64.86. I was happy with how fast the package arrived, but still, was a little shocked at how expensive the shipping was for one item. 

This is the size of the liquid lipstick tube, in the shade “Equality”.

I am absolutely IN LOVE with the box the lipsticks came in! It’s colorful, smooth, and feels very well-made. The colors of the lipsticks themselves are also true to colors you see on the website. I will admit that I was a little surprised by the size of the lipsticks- I knew they would be small, but they were honestly much smaller than I had anticipated. From left to right, the liquid lipsticks in this bundle are Diva, Redrum, Flamethrower, Queen Bee, Equality, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Blue Velvet, and I’m Royalty. I’ll also include swatches on my arm, so you can have a better look at how they perform on my skin. 

Wearing my favorite lipstick from the collection, “Redrum”.

My favorite liquid lipsticks in this collection are Redrum, Equality, Blue Velvet, and I’m Royalty. They feel smooth and creamy, and deliver a velvety, matte finish. I also love Diva, Flamethrower, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but they require an additional coat to get the full coverage I was looking for. The only shade I wasn’t a huge fan of was Queen Bee- the bright yellow shade. Maybe I’m just applying it wrong, but the shade looked thin, patchy, and god-awful on my lips. The coverage was definitely much different than the darker shades that I loved, but this could obviously just be because yellow is a very light color to apply. Of all the shades to apply the patchiest, it doesn’t surprise me that a bright yellow was the biggest contender.


Like I said, all of the Jeffree Star lipsticks are safe to use on your eyes as well. I love to do colorful, avant-garde looks, and I was really happy with how great these colors performed on my eyes. They were generally very opaque, and were also easy to use as colorful winged eyeliner. A little certainly goes a long way! Some of the warmer colors did stain my eyelids, but this is to be expected with reds and pinks, and it didn’t surprise/bother me at all. 

I was honestly pleasantly surprised by how much I love the orange on me!

Overall, I was pretty happy with the quality of these lipsticks, and I’m really glad I purchased them. Although they are small, a little does go a long way, so I would say they are worth the price. I genuinely was happy with the formula, and I like that these liquid lipsticks are not heavily scented. If anything, they smell a tad like play-dough, but it’s not a bad smell. The only color I wasn’t impressed with was Queen Bee, but hey, maybe yellow just isn’t my color! Overall, I would give these lipsticks a solid 9/10, and I will continue to buy his formulas in the future.

What are your thoughts on the Mini Rainbow Bundle? And what would you like to see me review next? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. misswongx

    They look great on you! You’re so beautiful! I do agree that the sizing of the lipsticks were a bit small but if they’re great quality and a little goes a long way I can see this lasting a really long time!


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