A Tour of My Bedroom!

I’m not sure how exciting a room tour is to you guys, but for me personally, I love seeing how other people set up their living spaces and let their creativity show. I love my room because it feels so true to me- peaceful, clean, organized, and full of life. It feels in a lot of ways like my studio- my creativity flourishes here when I’m left alone to tackle artistic tasks.


My mom and I moved into our apartment three years ago, and since then, it really does feel like home. My favorite part of my room is definitely my desk, because it’s where I get to let most of my creativity flow. I keep the majority of my makeup up here on this spinning storage thing, and the rest of it in this silver kitchen organizer. (By the way, putting my palettes in a kitchen organizer is probably the best idea I’ve ever had). I’m hoping to update my desk in the future, because my makeup collecting habit is slowly but surely growing. This little flimsy desk doesn’t even have draws, so it’s not even really doing its one job. 



Like many other young people, I’m also very fond of my bed. I really wanted to keep my room relaxed and minimalist, and I love the a e s t h e t i c of having a mattress on the floor. It also makes it super easy for Duke to get in and out of my bed, which is very important to me. My dog loves to sleep in my bed every night, and it absolutely warms my heart. I also have all my plants above my bed, facing the direct sunlight where the sun rises. I don’t actually harvest any of the plants and herbs I am growing, especially since they are all young. Actually, the only reason I have plants is because I love to watch them sprout and grow. I love to take care of living things- animals and plants alike. From left to right, I have Tyrone the aloe, Keisha the basil, Giga the succulent, Malone the sunflower, PeePee the other succulent, and Pancake the silver daisies. I also have a tomato plant named Miss Jenna and a sage plant named Charles, but unfortunately they are not pictured.


I keep all of my clothes in a walk-in closet, and as you can see, it’s mostly filled with black with (a few) pops of bright color. I still have all of my vintage dresses, and though I don’t wear them very much, I like to keep them around. During the summertime, I’m mostly wearing band t-shirts, shorts, and some new Stranger Things sweatpants I bought at Newbury Comics. Score! I also keep all of my shoes in here, and most days, I rotate between my black sneakers and red slip-ons. 

SO much floral. And black.

The final stop of my room is this large white shelving-type thing, where I keep my crystals, essential oil blends, and balls of yarn. I love knitting while I watch Netflix- it keeps my hands busy, and helps the knitting process go by much faster. I would prefer to keep my crystals directly in the sunlight, but as you can see, I definitely don’t have enough room to fit them all on my windowsill! Nonetheless, I love turning on my oil diffuser and letting the mist spread over my crystals- in a way, it feels like they are being cleansed when I do this. 



That, in a nutshell, is a little tour of my bedroom. I like to think of myself as an artistic, creative-focused person, and the layout of my bedroom really allows me to express that creativity. If you’d like a closer peak at anything else in my room, let me know in the comments! I am planning on doing a complete makeup show-and-tell in the future.

Coming up next: I Bought the Alyssa Edwards Palette, and….Oh.

Look at him. LOOK. AT. HIM.


  1. holisticrationalist

    First of all, your dog is absolutely flawless, oh my goodness. But also, love your room! How freaking aesthetic. A fellow Jeffrey star fan I see. ❤


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