I Bought the Jawbreaker Palette, and These are My Thoughts

I’ve purchased twice before from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and both times have been very positive experiences. It’s fairly common knowledge that Jeffree Star puts out incredible cosmetics, despite the fact that he’s kind of rude and has a problematic, racist past. I’ll never deny that Jeffree Star isn’t a sterling citizen, but hey, his makeup is great. 

I can’t afford to buy everything he comes out with, but if I see something that I think I will genuinely use on a daily/weekly basis, I consider the splurge. That’s exactly how I felt when I first saw the Jawbreaker palette; like, damn, THIS is an array of colors I can utilize.

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In the past, I have ordered directly from the Jeffree Star website, but this time I ordered from Beautylish. Beautylish is one of Jeffree’s official retailers, so I knew it would be a safe place to purchase from, and I also got free express shipping with my order. I had a few minor problems with FedEx for my delivery, but it wasn’t Beautylish’s fault and it certainly wasn’t Jeffree Star’s fault. On top of the Jawbreaker palette, I also ordered a velour liquid lipstick in the shade “Strawberry Crush” and a velour lip scrub in the flavor “Pineapple Juice.”

I received my package last Thursday, three days after I ordered. Everything I ordered was neatly wrapped up and in perfect condition, and I also found a small bottle of Bioderma micellar water in my package. I’m not sure if that was a free gift or a mistake, but either way, I didn’t order it and I wasn’t charged for it.

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Before I talk about the long-awaited Jawbreaker palette, I’ll give you the run-down about the lip scrub and the liquid lipstick. The lip scrub cost $12, making it one of the cheapest items sold by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I was pleasantly surprised by how much product comes in the container, and on top of that, a little certainly goes a long way. Like I expected, the product smells (and tastes) absolutely delicious, and it really did wonders on my lips. It almost felt a little bit spicy on my lips- like a subtle burning, almost- but not in a painful or concerning way. The lip scrub did a great job taking the dead skin off my lips, and I think it even made them appear plumper after I washed it off. Overall, I’m extremely happy with this product, and I will definitely keep using it. 

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The velour liquid lipstick also really impressed me. I was afraid from the swatch online that this was going to be a neon pink shade, but it actually is a beautiful, bright coral. This liquid lipstick retails for $18, which I consider to be on the pricier side of things. I like Jeffree’s formula because it dries down matte without feeling stiff, and you only need one swipe to get a lot of coverage. It also looks stunning with a gloss on top, which I’ve done twice already. The formula is also very long-lasting, and survived two meals without smudging off. Even if it is expensive, I can see this lipstick lasting me for a very long time, and it works fabulously. If you ask me, it’s definitely worth the price.


Now, onto the real showstopper: the Jawbreaker palette. This is the biggest palette Jeffree Star has produced to date, with 24 bright and diverse shades. Even though this palette is substantially bigger than the other ones Jeffree has produced, it’s only $58, which is $6 more dollars than the Blue Blood palette. I’ve only used the palette about three times so far, but I’ve already fallen in love with it. As someone who loves to work with bright colors, it’s convenient to have all the colors I love together in one place. There are so many unique combinations to try, and per usual, all of the colors are extremely pigmented and bright. The colors also blend like a dream, and you don’t need to use a lot of product. One swipe packs a vibrant punch of color, so it’s very easy to use.


I’m not going to do any swatches today because I didn’t have time, but I will insert some pictures of me wearing the colors. I absolutely love the newfound freedom that has come with this palette, and I know I’m going to have a ton of fun putting together some fresh looks. I love that this palette has both metallic and matte shades, because I’ve been meaning to expand my makeup horizons and try out some more glittery eye looks. What do you guys think about this palette? Would you buy it? Let me know in the comments!


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