August Lookbook – Summer 2019

It feels like a hot minute since I’ve posted anything fashion related, let alone a lookbook. Part of the reason for that is because my style didn’t really change much from April 2018 to about March 2019. Then, I started to get interested in the psychobilly aesthetic, which blended very well with the vintage theme I had going on at the time. Alas, ever the chameleon, my style is still changing. As I’ve continued to develop my creativity and passion for art, my personal style is changing as well. I also believe that the emergence of my homosexuality has impacted my fashion- artists such as k.d. lang have strengthened my appreciation for touches of “butch.” On the flip side, more feminine lesbian artists such as King Princess and Zheani have played into my more girlish, pastel inspiration.


The clothes that I am showcasing today are from Shein- an online shop which I have purchased from before. The quality is comparative to Forever 21 (not terrible, but not the best), and in general, I’d say shopping here is pretty hit or miss. I’m actually really happy with the size and quality of all the things I bought, with the exception of a pair of light-wash jeans I’m not pictured wearing. You have to remember that you’re shopping from an Asian size chart, so it’s always ideal to go one or two sizes up. So, with the exception of the super-tight jeans, I am actually really impressed with everything else!


Like I said, my style is mostly soft and feminine with a few touches of lesbian “butch” energy. I love to have these touches of butch, because in regards to my romantic relationships and sexuality, I do enjoy taking on a more dominant, loud personality. When I think of lesbian icons like k.d. lang, I especially get a sense of this dominance that speaks to me in her music. The feminine touches are a bit more edgy than usual, which fits my chaotic energy nicely. As I said, I am also inspired by Zheani’s music, who has a similar edgy, “thotty” feminine style. 

Rather than going over every item piece-by-piece, I am going to instead lay out this lookbook as a gallery of portraits I took. I remember the day I took these as being extremely humid and stuffy, so although I look cool and collected, I was actually a sweaty mess. I’m really happy with how these pictures came out after I edited them to have a retro filter, and I hope you enjoy looking at them! As I said, all of these clothes are from Shein, but I am not sponsored by them, nor did I get any of these clothes for free. 









Coming up next: Taco Tuesday: Making the iCarly Spaghetti Tacos

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