What’s in Season in August?

Summer break is winding down, and though I want to, I sadly haven’t done any fruit picking thus far. That being said, there’s still time, and there are a ton of delicious fruits and veggies currently in season. Most of the produce in season isn’t too far off from last month’s, so don’t be shocked if you see any repeats. As always, I’ll also include recipes that I see fit with the produce I mention!

sliced melon
Photo by Susanne Jutzeler on Pexels.com

I’ve mentioned my love for cantaloupe before on the blog, so it’s no surprise that I have to mention melon is in season. My other favorite variety of melon is honeydew, because it tastes absolutely delectable and almost dessert-like. That being said, melon is much healthier for you than what you may traditionally think of as “dessert”! Melons are mostly made up of water, so they’re an ideal snack to have on a hot day when you have a higher risk for dehydration. Although melons are high in carbohydrates, they’re actually considered ideal if you’re trying to lose weight! (I’m not quite sure how that works, but I’m sure Wikipedia knows. I’ve been kind of into tossing cantaloupe into my salad, which sounds kinda weird but is actually hella good. 

blackberries on table
Photo by Ir Solyanaya on Pexels.com

Blackberries are another one of my “fan favorites” in the fruit department, and they’re extremely easy to work into recipes for baking. Like many other berries, blackberries are very high in vitamin C and can assist with healthy immune system functioning. One of my favorite blackberry desserts is blackberry tart, because easily customizable to be vegan and doesn’t require a lot of ingredients to make. I’ll drop the link below if you’re interested in making this delicious French dessert yourself!

round orange fruits
Photo by Markus Spiske temporausch.com on Pexels.com

Peaches are debatably the most adorable fruit. They’re fuzzy, sweet, and apparently used in a lot of marketing for makeup. Seriously, I swear all of the cutest makeup is peach-themed. Not only are peaches delicious in a variety of different dishes, they’re also very good for you! Just like blackberries, peaches are loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C. Peaches can also aid in healthy digestion, so if you struggle with constipation or some other charming bowel movement, consider adding some more peach to your diet! Peaches are well-known for being great in baking, so if you’re interested in trying an amazing peach crisp recipe, I’ll leave the link below.    

high angle view of fruit bowl on table
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Plums, just like peaches, are yummy stone fruits with a juicy flesh and large pit. I actually remember having a plum tree in the backyard of my childhood home, and always being drawn to the beauty of it. Plums are less sweet than peaches, but I actually enjoy eating them just as much. Plums are low in calories and high in water, making them another ideal summer snack for humid, hot days. Although they taste fantastic on their own, I personally like them a lot better when they’re made into dishes and jams. I’m really interested in making this plum orange jam, because it’s already vegan without needing any tweaks. 

food healthy vegetables red
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Admittedly, I used to not be a fan of any peppers. I’m still not a big fan of anything spicy, but bell peppers have definitely grown on me. Fresh green peppers are always welcome in my salad and pizza, because they’re fresh flavorful without being too overpowering. In fact, I’m actually cooking with bell peppers for next week’s installment of Taco Tuesday! Peppers are a rich source of vitamin C, and actually contain 97% of your daily value. They’re also a good source of vitamin B6, which aids with the conversion of food into energy. Like I said, I’m picky about peppers, but I think this vegetarian chili with bell peppers sounds absolutely amazing. I’m a huge fan of Cookie & Kate, and I actually have one of their cookbooks on my shelf. I’m really looking forward to making this chili, especially once the weather cools down. 

yellow round vegetables
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Squash is genuinely one of my favorite fruits (that’s right, it’s a fruit!), and it’s always a treat to serve it up as a side dish on Thanksgiving day. It has a naturally buttery, nutty taste, and even though it may not feel healthy for that reason, squash is actually pretty good for you. My favorite variety of squash is butternut squash, which is chock-full of a variety of different vitamins and minerals. It’s also a great source of carotenoids, which aid in anti-inflammatory health. Squash is fabulous on its own, of course, but I felt really inspired by this summer squash sauté. It’s simple and easy to make, but incredibly rich at the same time. It might be time to up my Thanksgiving game with this dish.

top view photo of vegetables
Photo by John Lambeth on Pexels.com

Lastly, it’s time to finish up with a vegetable I actually hate: the very spongy, elusive eggplant. I actually really like the smell of eggplant, but as soon as it touches my tongue it becomes something completely different. I’m hoping that I can slowly develop a taste for it by starting simple, maybe with the eggplant Parmesan from my favorite Italian restaurant (minus the Parmesan). Eggplant is high in water but relatively low in essential nutrients, so I don’t feel that bad for not liking it. Nonetheless, I am trying to extend my taste palate, and I’m happy to start anywhere!


Blackberry tart: https://juliasalbum.com/blackberry-tart-recipe/

Peach crisp: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/231532/moms-peach-crisp/

Plum orange jam: https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/plum-orange-jam/ 

Vegetarian Chili: https://cookieandkate.com/vegetarian-chili-recipe/

Summer Squash Sauté: https://www.twopeasandtheirpod.com/summer-squash-saute/

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