Reviewing the Fall 2019 Fab Fit Fun Box | My HONEST Thoughts

After what was actually a relatively short wait, I am so excited to have received my first-ever Fab Fit Fun box in the mail this week! I’ve heard a lot of things about the company, both positive and negative, so I’m ready to give you my honest thoughts about the entire experience, the contents of the box, and how I feel about the performance of the products.


I discovered Fab Fit Fun after watching a YouTuber unbox her own goodies. Fab Fit Fun, as the name may imply, is a subscription box that sends you a quarterly package of beauty products, fitness tools, and accessories. I personally love to spend my money on “trivial” things like lotion and makeup, so the box seemed like something I would genuinely get a good use out of. For someone who isn’t into getting a new lotion or eye cream every season, this probably isn’t the box for you.

Like I said, however, this is the kind of stuff I would spend my money on anyway. I love trying new products and reviewing them for you here, so I decided to give the box a go. Before I get into the actual products, I’ll tell you a bit about my experience ordering from Fab Fit Fun, and my general impression of the company.

One thing I really like about Fab Fit Fun is that they regularly team up with charities and organizations- every season, in fact! For the fall box, Fab Fit Fun is giving back to City of Hope, which benefits cancer research and other serious diseases. I’ve researched many of the brands this company features on their site, and I’m happy to say they all appear cruelty-free (and many are vegan). Those were the two biggest deal breakers for me- the ethics of the company, and the ethics of the products, and I’m impressed with both.

Before ordering my fall box, I made sure to read reviews from a number of different sites. I was shocked to see a lot of negative reviews, but upon reading them, they actually didn’t dissuade my opinion very much. I was expecting the negative comments to expose heinous, fraudulent business practices, but instead, I found people complaining that they got another lotion, and they didn’t WANT another lotion! ONE STAR!!

Especially after receiving my box and having a perfectly lovely experience with the company, I was kind of surprised so many people were angry that they received products they literally SIGNED UP FOR. Like, you’re really going to slander the brand and give them one star because they did their job? Weird flex, but okay. 

What I’m trying to say is this- I don’t think Fab Fit Fun is a scam, or a fraud, or anything else people were commenting. I think those words were taken wildly out of context. Getting another really nice lotion in your box isn’t a “scam”, a scam would be if the company charged your card and then didn’t send you a box. Calm down, people.

Other people complained that the box took too long to ship. I can see that being a perfectly reasonable complaint, but I still don’t think it’s bad enough that the company deserves one star. I’m biased because I did receive my box in a reasonable time frame- about two weeks after I ordered. This was a pleasant surprise because the website said the boxes typically ship a month after you are charged. My next billing date is December 3rd, so my winter box should arrive between mid December and early January.

Another thing I really liked about the box is the customization option. You first of all will fill out a survey rating how interested you are in certain product areas. For example, I checked off that I am very interested in skincare and makeup (bring on the lotion), and less interested in hair care or fitness tools. This helps the curators of the box better suit the contents to your taste, and also, avoid adding products you would never use. There are some products that everyone will likely get, but then you have the option to choose 3-5 specific things. For example, some of my individualized choices were a Kate Spade lunch bag, an Anthropologie yoga mat, and some vitamin C mixing crystals. 

Now, let’s touch on the price. Each box comes with 8-10 full-sized items, shipped to you quarterly (or four boxes per year). The price of one box is $49.99, but you can get your first box cheaper with a referral code. I’ll have to reach out to Fab Fit Fun and ask if I can plug mine in! 😉

To give you an idea of the amazing deal you’re getting, the retail price for the yoga mat ALONE was $50. I received the yoga mat and seven other products for $42, which means the value of everything in the box was upwards of $250. Like I said, you might not be someone who wants 8-10 new products a season, but for me, that’s something I would spend my paycheck on anyway. This subscription box is an awesome way for me to try new things without breaking the bank, because the savings are amazing. 

I do have a theory about how Fab Fit Fun (probably) works behind the scenes. I obviously don’t have any proof of this, but I imagine it probably works in a similar way to Marshalls or TJ Maxx. For example, Marshall’s merchandise is mostly made up of stock that didn’t sell out very well, and that’s why the prices are so discounted. If Michael Kors puts out a shirt that doesn’t sell well, he can sell it at Marshalls for uber-cheap instead of just letting it sit in his warehouse forever. That’s how I ASSUME Fab Fit Fun works- they re-sell products and merchandise that didn’t initially sell out well, as a way to drain the stock. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; I love shopping at Marshalls and other discount stores.

I haven’t decided yet if I want to switch from a season subscription to a yearly one, because I want to receive the winter box before I make up my mind. If I’m blown away by the next box, I most likely will sign up for the yearly subscription.

Anyway, moving on to the part you’ve all been waiting for- my review of the products!

IMG_5281 (1).JPG

First off, the box itself is adorable and creatively designed. It was easy to unbox without destroying the cardboard, so I will probably be reusing the box in the future. On top, I received a gift card for HelloFresh, a referral code to give a friend, and a copy of the Fab Fit Fun magazine (which is just a beautifully written ad, in case you didn’t know). I did enjoy thumbing through the magazine, though, and got some insight on how to use the products sent to me. I’m probably going to give the HelloFresh gift card to my mom, because there’s an expiration date and she’s more likely to use it than me.

I am going to include the original retail price I received, but remember I got everything in this box for $42. All of these opinions are my own personal thoughts, and I will say up-front that while there were some things I liked, there were also some things I didn’t like so much. 

Yoga Mat | Anthropologie | Retail price: $50

I apologize for my semi-messy room.

I would normally never be able to afford an Anthropologie yoga mat, so I was really happy to receive one in my box. I chose the mat because meditation and yoga is something I’ve wanted to get into for a long time, and now I have the perfect excuse. I think the design is really pretty, and the mat definitely feels high-end to me. The only negative thing I will say is that the mat is extremely thin, so it’s not ideal for working on a hard-wood surface. On a rug or a carpet, however, it should be fine.

Lunch Tote | Kate Spade New York | Retail price: $30


This is another product that I was able to choose, and I’m happy to say that the bag came exactly as pictured. Some people were complaining that the tote is too small, which baffled me. The tote I received feels pretty roomy and standard-sized, and the inside is insulated to help keep your food cold longer. It arrived a little crumpled because the tote was folded to fit in the box, but I was able to smooth it out pretty quickly. As a student who is always on the go, bag is going to be extremely helpful to me this year!

Pure C | Cosmedix | Retail price: $54


I was initially a little confused by what this product is meant for, but I think I’ve figured it out after thumbing through the magazine. This is pure, powdered vitamin C, which can then be combined with any beauty/skincare product of your choice. The pros are that pure vitamin C is extremely good for your skin, and this product is really easy to work with. Lately I have been adding a bit of it to my morning toner, just to give my skin a little extra brightness. I will say that I was surprised by how small the tube was, but I guess it makes sense, considering a little goes a long way. I haven’t been using this long enough to notice any definite results, but I’ll be sure to update you if my skin changes over time!

Hair Towel Wrap | Afterspa| Retail price: $18


The rest of the products from here, minus the aromatherapy rollerball, were all automatically added to my box (meaning I didn’t choose them). I’ve never actually gone out of my way to buy a hair wrap, because a regular towel has always worked fine for me. I have used this every night since I received it, but I wouldn’t say it’s incredible or mind-blowing. If it was made of an incredibly soft cotton, or had some other impressive quality, I would probably be more excited about it. But this just felt like a semi-cheap, odd-smelling, clearance item from a third-party seller. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it, however, and if you prefer hair wraps over towels, you’ll probably find this more helpful than me. Not a miss, but not a total win either.

Deep Relax Rollerball | Aromatherapy Associates | Retail price: $29


I LOVE rollerball scents, especially organic, natural-smelling ones. I already brought a lavender one from home, and I always roll it over my pillowcase before I go to sleep. I’ve also started using this new one on my pillow as well, because it has a really calming, woody scent that immediately makes me sleepy. I love to carry this rollerball around during the day as well, in case I start to feel anxious and need a quick whiff of something relaxing. The power of aromatherapy is so profound, and I really don’t think it gets enough credit. I’m considering looking into the brand and ordering some more products from them, because I’ve already used a third of this bottle.

Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair | AVEDA | Retail price: $30


I normally don’t care much for hair care products, because my hair is so frizzy and thick and untameable. It’s hard for me to feel impressed by any hair product, but this repair mask genuinely left me SHOOK. You know that super-soft quality your hair has after you go to a salon? That’s exactly how my hair feels when I use this. I smooth it over my hair after I take a shower, sleep on it, and boom, I wake up with salon-soft hair. I know that probably sounds like an exaggeration, but I promise it’s not. This is hands-down the best hair repair product I’ve ever used, and my dry, damaged mane is now in paradise.

Exfoliating Sugar Cubes in Juice Cleanse | Harper & Ari | Retail price: $16


When I first unboxed this, I was expecting the scent to be something pepperminty or earthy, but it actually smells like fresh green apples. I love to spend my money on spa-esque products designed for pampering, so I was excited to immediately start using these! Like I said before, the smell is invigorating and so delicious. I wouldn’t recommend rubbing the cube directly on your skin, because the granules irritated my skin and left it feeling a bit raw. What I like to do instead is rub the cube in between my hands to get it soapy, and then disperse the soap on my arms and legs. It’s a very pampering step in my shower routine, and I look forward to the fresh scent it leaves on my skin before bed.

Body Soufflé | Human + Kind | Retail price: $18


The final product I received in my box is this full-sized body lotion, and I would say it’s probably one of my personal favorite items now. I could actually smell it before I even opened the box! If you’re into floral, fruity smells, this is going to be the perfect lotion for you. And, of course, I love that the brand is vegan and cruelty free. I actually forgot to bring a body lotion to school with me, so it worked out well that I received one in my box. I’ve been using it on my arms and legs every day, and the fresh apricot scent lingers for hours.

As you can see, the great majority of these products were a hit for me. The only thing I wasn’t really wowed by was the hair wrap, and I wish the yoga mat was a little bit thicker. Besides that, however, I think all of these products are going to be really useful in my daily life. It’s so fun to have a nice surprise look forward to, and now I’m excited to receive my winter box in December! Speaking for myself, I’ve had an easy time working with this company, and don’t really have much to complain about. It’s certainly not a fraud or a scam, and trust me, I have experienced scam companies before. Fab Fit Fun is legit, and if you have a fondness for beauty products, I’m certain you’ll love this subscription. 

This review is not sponsored by Fab Fit Fun. I paid for the box with my own money, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you’re interested in ordering the box yourself, you can save $10 on your first order with my referral link!

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