Nick Colletti, Joker, and Fenway: Sarah’s Weekly Catch-up


Monday, September 30 

I spent countless hours over the weekend visualizing the future career plan I am currently interested in, which many of you have already heard about. As I said, I’m interested in working with animals, having a farm, and helping people in any way that I can. I also scored very high in the “business management” industry on my career assessment, so I started critically thinking about that as well. On Sunday, I was bustling with ideas and immediately started recording them down and even crafted a fake brochure for my business. Who knows if this will actually happen, but as of right now, this is what I’m getting excited about:

I would like to rescue a multitude of different farm animals, including cows, chickens, goats, so I guess the easiest way to characterize this would be a sanctuary. However, to have more interactions with the public and commercialize my business, I’d also like to offer a variety of services. One thing I’d like to incorporate is a wedding barn, and rent it out as a rustic venue for ceremonies and receptions. I’d also like to offer some sort of bed-and-breakfast wedding suite in my farmhouse, probably as some sort of wedding package deal. I’d also like to offer different events and classes that allow people to interact with the animals, such as cow cuddling, goat yoga, and “pick-your-own eggs.” The welfare of my animals is obviously very important to me, so many of these services would be by-appointment to prevent them from getting overwhelmed with visitors. 

My main goal here is to teach people how to love animals, especially cows. Sharing the love and kindness of animals is one of my favorite forms of advocacy, and additionally, I think this is a business that would really lighten up people’s lives and hearts. As long as I can work from home and be my own lady boss, I’ll work fourteen hours a day if I have to,

Obviously this is just a rough sketch of my dream, so it’s subject to change. However, I am so excited to get started on this idea. I have no idea how someone even gets started with a farm business/sanctuary, especially without money. I suppose I’ll just have to see what happens, and roll with whatever options are available to me.

Wednesday, October 2

My week has been pretty mundane for the past few days, but exciting (ish) things are coming this weekend. On Friday, I’m interviewing an app for a magazine spread I’m working on. Then, on Saturday, I’m going back into Boston to do some grocery shopping, Target shopping, and then, I’m going to visit my friend at Fenway! 

Nobody knows I’m gay.

Friday, October 4

Today is the beginning of my subsequent fun weekends, for the rest of October! Tonight I went to see Nick Colletti perform stand up for a school-sponsored event, who I’d never heard of before tonight. He was actually pretty funny, and I ended up really enjoying myself. The night was still pretty young afterwards, so my friends and I drove into Boston and went to a really cute burrito place. It was the kind of night where we laughed so hard and so much, we probably looked like idiots from across the restaurant. I love driving into Boston with my friends, especially with a super-loud car karaoke session. I also got some groceries delivered today, so if you’re interested in what types of vegan foods I buy on a budget, I’ll consider making an article about it!

Casually posing in the Harvard University Police elevator after returning someone’s lost ID.

Saturday, October 5

Today I went into Boston to visit one of my friends from high school, who goes to the very lovely Berklee College of Music. We decided to meet at Government Center Station, which is usually a straight shot for me and takes less than an hour to get to. Usually. The trek over was more difficult than usual because there’s some construction on the tracks, so I had to take the shuttle bus for about half the trip. Because of traffic and the general slowness of the bus, what normally takes me 50 minutes took two and a half hours!

Anywho, the plan was originally to meet at 2pm at the Fenway Target, but instead we ended up meeting around 4pm on Newbury Street. I did get my candle, which was on my list, but then we decided to get some dinner at Wagamama, which was not on my agenda. I was trying to save money, but that pretty much went down the drain this weekend. Getting groceries, burritos, paying the train fair, a candle, and Wagamama really put a solid dent in my wallet. After dinner Alix invited me to see Joker at Regal Cinemas with her friends, and I know, I should have said no and saved my money, but I couldn’t resist. It sounded too fun! I also gave the rest of my dinner to a really nice homeless man on the street, partly because I knew I couldn’t bring my food inside, but also mostly because I feel terrible walking by the homeless and not doing anything about it. It would have plagued me all night if I didn’t stop to help, especially since he had two dogs with him. 


Back to the movie. I’m a huge Joaquin Phoenix fan, stemming from his leading role in The Village, so I was really excited to see the movie. I actually made an offhand comment on the train about a man who looked just like M. Night Shyamalan, so it was a fitting movie to see on a chilly Saturday night. I normally don’t like going to the movies because I get bored, but I actually really liked this one. The combination of the music, the dialogue, and the visuals was very powerful and almost surreal. I’ve never seen any comic/superhero movie before, and heck, I don’t even know the difference between Marvel and DC, but I’m interested now. Definitely going to recommend it to my other friends!

It’s Sunday afternoon now, which is homework day. I’m working on this (obviously), my school papers, other blog articles, my Nevin’s Farm story, and my magazine piece for a local publication. My fall candles are burning, the seventies acoustic classics are playing, and I’m feeling very fall right now. Looking forward to the week to come, and the rest of my fun autumn weekends!


Coming up this week:

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10/9- A Day in the Life of a Senior in College

10/11- Could Communism Work in The Sims?

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