My Holiday Weekend: Sarah’s Weekly Catch-up


Monday, October 7 

Today has been a super chaotic, albeit fun, day for writing. I’m really excited about the articles I’m currently working on, because they branch out quite a bit from my usual subject matter. I’m somewhat more interested in “harder” news stories and controversial topics, like the early start time of school and the iffy nature of the Impossible burger.

Right now in my life, I definitely feel like I’m going through some sort of an identity crisis. One thing that makes me feel better is to pop in my headphones and go for a walk around my neighborhood, day or night (usually both). My ears are starting to get sore from constantly popping in my headphones, because I love having my music on while I walk and think. Like I said last week, I think it’s important to tear ourselves away from screens and just spend some time with our minds. It’s painful sometimes to just feel your feelings, but I truly think it helps me to approach things head on and just think about them and accept them, and maybe even eventually have some sort of sense of understanding.

Despite doing a LOT of thinking and reflecting, my mood is actually pretty high and I’m feeling stress-free. PMDD has not reared its ugly head yet, so I’m hoping this means I have finally adjusted to my Yazmin and I don’t need to add another antidepressant. It usually takes about three months to adjust, which is about how long it took for me to get used to my new combination pills. 

Friday, October 11

I’m home until Monday due to the long weekend, and I have to say, immediately felt such a wave of happiness and freshness once I stepped back into my home. I haven’t been back to visit in about five weeks, so it feels good to be in a new environment for a short while and spend some time bonding with my dog. My mom is away in Maine with her boyfriend until Sunday, so it’s just going to be me and Duke for a few days.

Very happy to report that my mom didn’t kill my basil plant, Keisha, while I was away.

I was planning on writing a 400 word blog post about applying socialism to life simulation worlds, such as in The Sims, but it became pretty clear to me at the beginning of my research that this was going to be something MUCH bigger than a blog post. So now, I’m turning it into a research paper instead. I have an outline, an annotated bibliography- the whole shebang. And no, I will not be turning it in for any credit. Once I complete the paper, probably at the end of the month, I’ll probably shove it into my desk to rot until I clean out my dorm in May.

This is actually the second research paper I’m writing; the other one actually is for a class, and it’s about the detrimental mental health effects of cancel culture. I’m actually enjoying writing two papers at once, because it gives me something to do in case I start to suffer from boredom. The interesting thing about having ADHD, OCD, and GAD is that they all sort of feed into each other in a cycle. Because I have super-fast processing skills, I power through my school work quickly and get bored easily. Being bored subsequently enables me to engage in obsessive-compulsive behaviors, and the OCD then enables me to get anxious. Then, to combat my anxiety, I dive into new writing projects and schoolwork, and the cycle just starts over from there.

I know that probably sounds exhausting, but it’s working out great for me right now. I like being ambitious and busy. I do take quiet time every day to relax and practice self care, but the real highlight of my day is sitting down and tackling some new questions in my writing.

Duke is cuddling next to me in bed, and we’re listening to John Denver and Devendra Banhart and Taylor Swift. I’ve also listened to “A Horse With No Name” by America about six thousand times today. After this I’ll probably turn on The Office, because even I need a Netflix break every now and then. Goodnight, all!

Saturday, October 12

Today has been another productive day, and I’m really happy with the amount of schoolwork I have gotten done. My goal is to have six pages of my research paper finished by Monday, and ten pages finished my Wednesday. A large portion of my research paper is centered around conducting a survey, so I’ve also sent that out into the universe today.

This morning I took my dog for a long walk and really took in the beautiful fall foliage. Truly, nothing compares to autumn in New England, especially Massachusetts. After our walk I was super happy to discover that the second shipment from my ThredUp order came in the mail, so I was able to finish writing that review this afternoon. Keep an eye out for that article, it’s coming on Wednesday!

Look at him being an absolute angel!

I’m starting to feel a bit icky, so I hope I’m not getting sick. My plan for the rest of the day is to consume copious amounts of vitamin C and take a boiling hot bubble bath, in an attempt to reverse the sickness from coming. I hope you guys are having good luck beating the fall cold as well! I know for a fact there’s a stomach bug going around my campus, and I absolutely do NOT want to catch that.

Coming up this week:

10/14- Why School Starting Ridiculously Easy is Not Good for Your Health

10/16- My First ThredUp Review

10/18- Challenging My Friend to Go Vegan for a Week

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