My First Ever ThredUp Review

Hello all! With the emergence of autumn just around the corner, I decided it was time to pick up a few new clothing basics. I’m really into wearing neutrals, dark colors, and denim at the moment, and I also really love vintage pieces. This combination of preferences led me to ThredUp, which is the current largest online consignment store. I’d seen great reviews of the site by a few YouTubers, so I decided to give it a try. I ordered four items- two pairs of shoes, a dress, and a turtleneck sweater. I paid $124.56 for my order, and saved over $400 by shopping secondhand! My items came in two separate shipments, between 7-10 days of me placing my order. 


Something I really love about ThredUp is the ability to maximize your searches by size. Because everything on the site is secondhand, there is usually only one of every item, so it’s really helpful to only be shown results that are in my size. There are a ton of brands to shop from, including Free People, Athleta, Anthropologie, and Madewell. Some of the clothes are more than 80 percent off the original price, even if it’s brand-new with the tags still attached!


Like I said, I ordered four pieces from ThredUp. The first thing I received in my package (and probably my favorite) is this pair of Mary Jane heels by Poetic License. The estimated retail price of these shoes is a whopping $238, but I got them for only $51. While these shoes were still a little pricey for me, I couldn’t turn them down because of the amazing deal. They were also too unique to pass up- it felt like these shoes were designed for me. The quality of the shoes is excellent, and it feels like they’ve never been worn before. I can’t wait to mix and match these shoes with other items in my closet this fall!


The second item in my first shipment was this plain black turtleneck sweater by H&M. The sweater’s original retail price is $24, which already isn’t bad, but I swiped it up for only $13. This sweater also feels very brand new and doesn’t carry any sort of weird smell, which is something that usually comes with second hand clothing. I’ve been really into the seventies vibe lately, and I’ve already paired this top with my favorite pair of slacks (also thrifted). I feel like a nerdy secretary for a college in the 70s, and honestly, I’m loving the aesthetic. 

My second shipment arrived a day after the first one, and included the rest of my items. The first thing I pulled out was this super classic black-and-white striped dress by Banana Republic, which I think will look really cute with both the shoes I bought. The estimated retail price of this dress was $138, and I got it for a mind blowing $32! Again, this item was in excellent condition and felt brand new. It was also a lot thicker material than I anticipated, so I’m really looking forward to wearing it in the winter with some boots and leggings.


Last but certainly not least, I received a pair of blue high heels, also by Banana Republic. The estimated retail price of the shoes is $138, but I got them for more than 75 percent off at $38! Now that I’m getting older and will emerge into Adulting sooner than later, it seemed about time to get a pair of professional shoes for a work environment. The shoes were great quality and felt brand new, but unfortunately, they are actually a bit too big on me. Because they are returnable, I’m going to send them back and see if I can find something in a smaller size, which shouldn’t be too hard.

Overall, I feel like this experience was a success! Everything I received was amazing quality and felt new, and the only thing that didn’t fit was entirely my fault for accidentally selecting the wrong size of shoe. If you’re interested in trying ThredUp yourself, you can use my referral code for $10 off! 

Referral code for $10 off your first order:

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