My Favorite Fall Outfits


Most of you probably don’t know this, but I actually used to be a fashion major in college. I’m still really interested in colors, patterns, and the general concept of dressing people, but I’ve since switched my major to something new that suits me just a bit better!

Anywho, what I’m trying to say is this: I love fashion. I also love fall, so putting the two together makes me extremely happy. These are some of my favorite outfits to wear in the fall, and additionally, some tips I have for your own wardrobes as well! Especially considering I live in New England, I’ve gotten really good at mastering the concept of layering and incorporating basic wardrobe staples, which can be dressed up and down. Here are all of the outfit staples I’ve featured in this article, including the brand (if applicable) and how much I paid for each item:

Jacket: Sonoma + Lifestyle | Retail Price: $30-35 | I paid: Free (hand-me-down)

Scarf: Generic scarf from Marshalls

Blue & White Dress: Banana Republic | Retail Price: $138 | I paid: $33

Tights: Generic tights from CVS Pharmacy

Shoes: Poetic License | Retail Price: $238 | I paid: $51

Black & White Dress: Banana Republic | Retail Price: $138 | I paid: $32

Boots: So | Retail Price Est: $29

Turtleneck: H&M | Retail Price: $24 | I paid: $13

Chevron Pants: Covington | Retail Price Est: $29-49 | I paid: $6

Heels: Jessica Simpson | Retail Price: $50 | I paid: $6

Top: iZ Byer | Retail Price Est: $29-49

Suit Jacket: Candie’s | Retail Price Est: $30-$50

Black Pants: Candie’s | Retail Price Est: $25

Dress: Donna Morgan | Retail Price: $30-40 |I paid: free (hand-me-down)

Flats: Rothy’s | Retail Price: $125 | I paid: Free (gift)



This is one of my absolute favorite cozy, neutral-toned fall outfits for school. I like to shop for a variety of staples that can all be customized, and that’s basically what this outfit is: a mishmosh! I’ve had this jacket forever; it used to be my mom’s, but she handed it down to me because I wore it more often than she did. I’m pairing this jacket with a new dress I purchased from ThredUp, some plain black tights, and some semi-high heels also from ThredUp. I love this outfit because it incorporates a variety of different textures and colors, but it all comes together to be coherent. It’s also very warm and cozy, due to the amount of layers I’ve piled on! Living in New England, the weather can change pretty drastically, so I like to utilize layers in case of a freakishly warm fall afternoon.



My next everyday outfit is another dress, which is also a thrifted Banana Republic item. I’ve always been a huge fan of black-and-white horizontal stripes, because I think it looks more flattering on my curvy figure and it pairs well with other neutrals. I like this outfit for day-to-day wear, but it would also be appropriate for a job interview, dinner party, or other semi-formal event. It’s both classic and chic for a number of situations, and can easily be dressed up or down. For example, if I wanted to make this dress feel even more formal, I could forgo the tights and wear it with my Jessica Simpson heels instead. 



I call this outfit “Psychology Professor from the 70s.” I LOVE turtlenecks, and paired with a suit jacket, it looks so vintage chic and comfy. I bought both the turtleneck and the chevron pants thrifted, but despite the fact that this outfit was under $20, it still looks relatively expensive and put-together. This is also an outfit that could look great with heels, but because I’m always on the go, I’m wearing it with my red Rothy’s. This is also a great way for me to incorporate a pop of color into my wardrobe, and a warm-toned addition at that. When I’m hustling around campus in my suit jacket, folks know not to mess around with me. Also, I do often get mistaken for being a staff member. 



This is another shirt-and-pants outfit idea for those of you who don’t love dresses: black pants paired with a patterned top! I would also ideally wear this top with black jeans, or even just black stretchy pants, but today I picked a pair of black slacks I bought at Kohl’s this summer. This is an outfit I would wear to class on an average day, or on a day when I’m traveling and I want to be comfortable. I also love these pants because they’re super stretchy and don’t crease in unflattering places, so they make my curves look great! You’ve probably noticed I haven’t worn jeans yet, and that’s because I find jeans to be super itchy and uncomfortable. 



Lastly, surprise surprise, another dress. Although the weather is getting chilly, I absolutely love to wear dresses year-round. Of all the clothes I own, I think this dress looks the most flattering on me. This is definitely something I would wear on a date, or if I was going to spend time with someone I find attractive. It just hugs my curvy body in such a flattering way, and the geometric pattern is really unique and helps me to stand out. Ideally, I would wear this dress with nude flats or something more neutral, but I only own a pair of red flats. Nonetheless, I love that this dress is comfortable, interesting, and perfect for year-round wear.

Those are all my favorite fall outfits thus far in 2019! Like I said, all of these items are extremely customizable and are designed to be dressed up and down, depending on what you’re going for. I hope you found this article helpful, and maybe it has even given you some fashion inspiration!


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