Cooking Vegetarian Thanksgiving!

The past few years have been a unique experience for me, diet-wise. I went vegetarian in the December of 2017, and was strictly vegan from May 2018 to May 2019. I’ve returned to eating eggs and milk now, but I’m still proudly vegetarian and intend to stay that way forever. I might even go back to being vegan in the future, we’ll see what happens!


Anyway, it goes without saying that Thanksgiving hasn’t been the same since I’ve made these changes. Actually, it’s been better! I will say, it’s much easier to celebrate vegetarian Thanksgiving than vegan Thanksgiving. Every single side dish had to be separately prepared without butter/milk for me, and obviously turkey and meat is out of the question. This year, I’m happy that I’ll be able to enjoy the same sides as my family, and per usual, I’m opting for some very delicious Tofurkey. Today, I’m going to guide you through my Thanksgiving preparation with my mom, and spill the tea on what Tofurkey is really like for those of you who haven’t tried it. 

What are you guys’ thoughts on macaroni and cheese as a Thanksgiving side? I’m personally all for it. My mom’s homemade macaroni and cheese is one of my fondest Thanksgiving memories, and although it’s not quite as good as the kind at The Chicken Connection, it’s definitely a close second. I’m not quite sure if she invented the recipe, or if she took it from an ancient cookbook, but it’s delicious nonetheless. 

Now, let’s talk about fake turkey. As someone who hasn’t touched meat for almost two years, I don’t really remember what it tastes like and I don’t have anything to compare it to. I can say from personal experience that I do like the taste of tofurkey, and it’s especially delicious with the vegetarian gravy the box comes with! It’s also extremely easy to make, you just thaw it and bake it in the oven as you would with a regular turkey. In regards to appearance and texture, I think it looks just like the real deal. What do you guys think?

This year, I’ve decided to bake my own pie for Thanksgiving. I LOVE baking, as many of you probably know, but I don’t get to do it much due to always being away at college. This year, I’ve decided to make my own apple pie from an online recipe, but alter it a bit to add my own twist.

I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving, and stay safe as well. I’m looking forward to spending the holidays this year with my mom, stepdad, and our dogs, Duke and Cooper. Soviet Kitsch Analysis Part II will be out on Friday, and after that, Blogmas begins! I’m looking forward to the rest of the year, and furthermore, starting some new exciting projects in the spring semester. I feel like this year is just flying by, don’t you?

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