Finishing Up The Semester! Sarah’s Weekly Catch-up

Monday, December 2

I’m back at school after a wonderful Thanksgiving break, but I won’t be here much longer! I’m technically on winter break December 14th, but I have to come back four days later to take ONE EXAM. I’m not really counting that as part of school, however, because I’ll already be moved out by then and the exam will only take about twenty-five minutes. Still, I’m a little annoyed to have to drive all the way back to school just to take one exam. 

I’m feeling pretty tired right now, even though I had my regular morning coffee. I might go ahead and make myself a tea, because I’m going to have a long day and I need to keep my energy levels up. Today is my first meeting for Analog, and even though half of the team can’t be there, I’m excited to lay down the groundwork for this organization!

It’s also snowing right now, which is beautiful to look at from my window (but less fun to walk in). Two of my classes were cancelled due to the snow, so I’m taking this opportunity to tackle some school work due next week. It seems surreal I have less than two weeks left in the semester!


Friday, December 6

So, I’ve definitely slacked a bit on my catch-up this week, but in my defense, I have been very busy. I’ve been essentially glued to my computer trying to get work done, so thankfully, I’ve reached the end of a very productive week! Between working on Analog, securing my capstone, chatting with potential employers, and knocking out tons of presentations, it’s definitely been chaotic around here. I’m looking forward to simply relaxing and playing The Sims 4 this weekend.

Next week is my final week of classes, and I’m looking forward to coming home and sleeping in my own bed next Friday. I’ve also made plans to see some of my high school friends over winter break, so I’m really excited about that. Per usual, it will be a pleasure to see Eli as well.

I’m going to try to get some blogging done this week, because I’m falling a bit behind on that, but it’s important to me that I don’t overwork myself. Especially since I have such severe sleep problems, making time for relaxation is very important to me. Tonight I’m going to go watch a talent show with one of my classmates, then I might swing over to my friend’s resident hall to keep her company while she’s on RA duty.

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