How I’m Combating My Severe Insomnia: Sarah’s Weekly Catch-up

Monday, December 9

Hi everyone, hope you’re doing well! I’m personally in a very good mood this morning, and I’m especially happy because I’ve been able to sleep pretty decently these past few days. As some of you may know, I normally have extremely severe and debilitating insomnia while I’m at school. The fact that I’ve been able to sleep pretty well these past few days is amazing, so here’s what I’ve been trying that seems to work:

First of all, I move my phone to the other side of the room while I sleep. I used to always have my phone nearby so I could listen to ASMR or Bob Ross while I dozed off, but doing so also meant that I would ALWAYS check the clock throughout the night. Recently, though, my phone charger has started acting up because it’s so ancient, and the only thing that keeps it consistently charging is if I absolutely do not touch it. For that reason, I started plugging it in on the other side of the room, and now I sleep MUCH better. I’d always heard that moving your phone farther away could help with sleep, and gosh, does it work!

Additionally, I’ve stopped putting pressure on myself to get into bed insanely early. Back when I was only averaging about 2 hours of sleep per night, I was so exhausted, I would literally crawl into bed at 7:30pm, even if I wasn’t feeling sleepy yet. Doing so may sound like a good idea, but I think it actually made me sleep less. Now, I don’t even think about getting into bed until I’m actually sleepy, which is usually around 10pm or 11pm. Instead of rolling around in bed for four hours like I used to, I am now able to fall asleep pretty quickly because I don’t put “pressure” on myself to sleep, if that makes sense. 

The other thing that has been working for me is to take .5 mL of THC oil under my tongue every night. THC itself isn’t specifically for sleep, of course, but it does help me to feel very relaxed before bedtime. On top of THC, I also take 25mg of melatonin, a unisom pill, and a few other wellness supplements. I think the combination of all of these things has really improved both my ability to fall asleep, and the quality of my sleep itself. I’m definitely having more vivid dreams as well, which I believe is a sign that I am having a restful sleep.

Anyway, those are the things that have been helping me lately. It’s actually kind of amazing how drastically my sleep has improved, so hopefully things stay that way. I’ve also been listening to episodes of Mind Field on my laptop to help me focus on sleep, but I keep my laptop on the other side of the room as well and simply listen to the audio. If you also have problems with sleeping, hopefully some of these tips will be useful to you! Let me know if anything works. 

Wednesday, December 11

I’m almost to the end of my last week of classes, and I’m so excited to be back home this weekend! Like I said before, I do have to come back to my school next week to take one exam, but that should be painless and done with quickly. I’m trying not to think about it too much.

Anyway, just like last week, I’ve been extremely busy. Yesterday I was off campus for most of the day taking care of interviews and work for my internship search, so that was really rewarding. I’ve discovered some really amazing organizations through my internship search, and I’m seriously looking forward to my spring semester and what the future may hold. I feel like “adulting” is coming together nicely. 


Anyway, it’s the middle of the day now, and my plans are to have a quick lunch before my 3:30 Microeconomics class. Math and economics have never been my strong suit, so I’m not looking forward to either the class or the exam next week, but I’ll pull through nonetheless. I’ll be happy to never think about microeconomics and oligopoly ever again after this semester. 

Thursday, December 12

I hope you’re all having a peaceful, happy week! I can imagine many people are having the opposite, as it’s finals week for many students and the workload is stacked high. I’m actually holding out pretty well; I’m definitely very good at managing my time and getting things done quickly. I actually got all of my final school work done yesterday, so I spent today running all over campus trying to tie up the loose ends for my direct study capstone. I also held a meeting for the Analog social media team, and that was really productive and positive. We got some brainstorming done for January 2020, including potential story ideas. I’m doing a story about a small musician right now, and I’m thinking about emailing the Museum of Fine Arts for a story about the black history exhibit coming next month. Exciting stuff!

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