Stocking Stuffer Ideas (Blogmas #7)

With the holiday season right around the corner, I can imagine that many of you have already started your Christmas shopping (or your close to finishing it!). I myself am pretty close to being finished; I’m just waiting for one or two more packages to come in the mail. Although I don’t have any stockings to fill this year, I can imagine some of you may have names to cross off your list. These are some of my favorite small, inexpensive gift ideas, as I’ve tried many of them myself and know them to be successful. I hope this list gives you some ideas!

“Don’t Fuck Up The Table” Coasters | $16

When I saw these table coasters on Amazon, the first person I thought of was my mother. I’m sure you all had someone immediately come to mind as well :). Not only are these hilarious, unique, and thoughtful, they’re also extremely practical for daily use! I decided not to get them this year because I already bought my mom a few other things, but they’re definitely going to be a contender for Mother’s Day. For only $16, four high-quality coasters with a resounding message isn’t a bad stocking stuffer idea!


Soft Silicone Phone Case | $12

Of all the places to find high-quality essentials for very cheap, Amazon is (obviously) my go-to place. This phone case is soft and rubbery on the outside, but lined with a hard shell to keep your phone extra safe. As someone who drops her phone quite frequently, this is definitely something I need in my life, and I’m sure many of you would love it too! I think practical gifts are always a win-win, and it’s especially hard to go wrong with a sleek phone case. Especially one that’s under $15 with four and a half stars!


Cat Pens | $6

I usually don’t buy pens online, but these adorable cat pens were so cute, I couldn’t pass them up. I was pleasantly surprised by how pigmented, smooth, and high-quality they felt, and for only $6, it’s all the better. If you have a cat-lover in your life (like I do), this is the perfect small gift for him or her. Just like the table coasters, these pens are also a practical gift that are guaranteed to be put to use. I’m looking forward to buying these again in the future for both myself and others.


Juno & Co. Velvet Beauty Sponges | $20

As someone who wears makeup almost daily, I can tell you firsthand that these are the nicest makeup sponges I’ve ever tried. They work great both dry and dampened, and give my high-coverage foundation an amazing, airbrushed appearance on my skin. Additionally, because they are not spongy or porous, they don’t suck up the product and therefore waste it. I’ve been using these sponges for months now, if not close for a year, and I love having them in my collection! I promise the makeup lover in your life will adore these too.


Abundance and Prosperity Crystals | $29

If you know someone who’s really into natural healing, green magic, or simply just beautiful decor, a set of crystals is a wonderful gift idea. Crystals can obviously be used for meditation or holistic purposes, but they also make for lovely decorations around the house. As someone who has been collecting crystals for years (and I’ve bought this particular bundle myself), I can testify that they are a beautiful, timeless gift. Even better, you’re supporting an independent artist by purchasing from this seller.


Mesh Produce Bags | $14

This is actually a gift I bought for my mom for Mother’s Day, but I think it would also make an excellent Christmas present (especially for a parent or a zero-waste friend). These mesh produce bags are designed to be used in place of plastic produce bags at the grocery store, so you can feel better about your impact on the environment. Like many other suggestions on this list, mesh produce bags are an extremely practical gift that are guaranteed to be put to good use.


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