Reviewing my 2019 Resolutions (Blogmas #11)

With the end of the year coming to a close, I decided it was time to revisit the resolutions I set for myself at the end of 2018. Here is a quick report of how I did:

-Write a book about my life. ✘ I actually started, but I never ended up finishing it. Maybe next year… 

-Have fifty followers on WordPress. ✔ I was genuinely shocked at how quickly I surpassed fifty. It was a goal for the entire year, but the number went over fifty within the first month of writing this. In total, I currently have 208 followers.

-Have 100 followers on my Diplomat’s Digest Instagram page. ✔ I reached 100 in November!

-Dye my hair a new color; maybe teal again!  ✔ I did that! I got my hair dyed teal in mid March, and I absolutely love it. Right now, it’s blonde. 

IMG_5095 (2).JPG

-Get my driver’s license. ✘ Nope, not this year, but definitely the next!

-Host a collaboration on my blog. ✔ Check! Got that done in January, actually. As of right now, I have completed two collaborations for the entire year.

-Host a giveaway on my blog (!) ✘ Not quite yet, but hopefully soon!

-Figure out how to properly use wet-set foam rollers. ✘ I kind of cut off all my hair…

-Buy an authentic 1940s dress. ✘ Nope, I saved my money. See my last resolution 😉 

-Learn how to knit something besides a scarf. ✔ Does a dish cloth count?

-Go to bed and wake up a little bit earlier every day. This could be tricky, as I am a notorious night owl… ✔ I surprisingly did this. I usually get into bed between 8pm-9pm, and I’m asleep before 10 if I take a unisom and a melatonin pill. 

-Learn how to manage my money better. I struggle with this big time. Do you guys have any tips for managing money? ✔ I saved $1,000 over the summer, so I’d consider that successful finance management! 

Looking back, I’m pretty happy with the progress I made on my resolutions this year! 7/12 certainly isn’t bad. I noticed while looking back at my list that many of these goals were materialistic based, and I’d like to change that going forward. For 2020, I’d like to focus more on personal milestones, such as maintaining my happiness and continuing to spread gratitude. My 2020 resolutions will be published on January 1, so keep your eyes out for that!


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