Interviews & Internships: Sarah’s Weekly Newsletter

Monday, January 27


Hi guys, I hope you’re all having a great Monday! It’s almost noon as I’m writing this, and I have a bit of time to kill until my next class, so I thought I’d get some blogging done. Today is going to be a bit busier than usual for me; I am interviewing Tiana Ferrell (a descendent of Ida B. Wells) for Analog at 2:30, then I have an Analog Meeting, and then I’m going over to my friend’s house to watch The Bachelor. I’m excited to be on top of things and getting projects done! Yesterday was a great day as well; I had dinner with my friends and met an ABSOLUTE ANGEL named Roxie. I mean, come on. Look at that little face!

Wednesday, January 29


I didn’t have time to jot down any thoughts yesterday; I can definitely tell that Tuesday is going to be one of my busiest days. For one thing, I have my internship from 10-4, for which I leave at 8am and get back to my school around 5. Then, because I have my Ethics homework due every Wednesday, I usually have to make a bee-line to the library to get that done. Then, pride club meets every other Wednesday, so I like to make a point of attending that from 7-8! It’s definitely been busy around here, as you can see, but I’m having a good time. I really enjoy having a lot of projects to work on, so this week has been all about juggling the blog, Analog, school work, and my internship. I’m going to be interviewing a small musician either today or tomorrow, so I’m really looking forward to getting that finished. 

Thursday, January 30

Now that I’m starting to get more comfortable at my internship, I feel like I have a clear vision of my path here and I’m really excited to dive into my work. Surprisingly, I enjoy getting up early every day and I feel even more energized than usual. I’m definitely in a really great place physically, emotionally, socially, so that’s been a huge benefit towards the quality of my work. After I finish up work for the day, I’m going to grab some dinner and try to get some work done for my capstone. My goal is to have an article for Analog finished by Sunday, and then begin preparations for my next three articles and readings. Of course, I’m also pumping out content for the blog, which I tend to squeeze in at odd hours throughout the day. I’m feeling extremely busy, but also incredibly content and full of life. I have a feeling this is going to be a great semester; isn’t it amazing how much things have turned around for me since October?

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