Monthly Obsessions: February

Spring is almost here, which means it’s time for me to wrap up all of my monthly favorites. I don’t have as much down time as usual now that I’m back in classes, but nonetheless, this is everything I’ve been loving this month!

Health & Beauty | Sweet Talk Eyeshadow Palette | Colourpop

Image result for colourpop you're pretty

If you read my Christmas gift blog, you probably remember that this palette was a gift from my lovely neighbor, JoAnn. Since I received it, I have quite literally been using this palette on the daily. I absolutely love the warm-toned peaches, of course, and I’m also really digging that loose glitter named ‘prima drama.’ Maybe I’ve just been feeling more adventurous lately, but I really love putting glitter all over my cheekbones, inner corner, and sometimes even on my hairline. I guess I’m just really channeling my inner 2008 Kesha, but honestly, I have no complaints. This is also the first Colourpop product I have ever used, so I’m really looking forward to trying more of their products in the future!

Health & Beauty | E-Girl Blush

IMG_8464 (2).JPG

I suppose this kind of relates to the Sweet Talk palette, because that’s the product I use to apply my blush (sadly, my Tarte amazonian clay blush finally cracked and broke apart.) Ever since watching Jenna Marbles’ e-girl makeover on YouTube, I’ve been really obsessed with putting my blush high up on my face. I think it looks really youthful, but it also makes me look (and feel) more alive, awake, and beautiful. I prefer to mix the shades ‘meadow’ and ‘dream maker,’ and together, they form a gorgeous, richly pigmented pink blush. I have to say, Colourpop really stole the show this month. 

Food | Raw Broccoli

green broccoli on white textile
Photo by Castorly Stock on

God, I have been so obsessed with eating raw broccoli lately (really, I’ve been obsessed with all finger food lately.) Maybe it’s because my internship has broccoli in the cafeteria, but I think I’ve eaten raw broccoli almost every day this month. It’s crunchy, it’s delicious, and it’s loaded with protein, so us vegetarians can feel good about what we’re putting in our bodies. It’s also a great staple food to go in a variety of dishes: pasta, rice, salads, the list goes on. I’ll probably be sick of it by next week, but for now, finger foods like broccoli, bell peppers, and baby carrots have been my go-to snack.

Home & Decor | Papier

Image result for papier brand

Okay, so I haven’t actually bought anything from Papier before, but they recently popped up on my Instagram feed and I have now decided I’m in love with this company. As I like to self-proclaim, I am ‘a whore for stationary’, and anything that has to do with calendars, notebooks, or organization really gets me excited. First of all, these notebooks are adorable and affordable, and secondly, you can get your name/initials monogrammed onto them?? I’m sold. Down the road, when I have more money to spare, I definitely want to buy one of these journals. I’ve been thinking about getting into junk journaling anyway, so this could be the perfect opportunity for me. 

TV | The Office

Image result for the office

I’ve actually been watching The Office for years now, but this month in particular, I’ve been really cracking down and watching it constantly. Maybe it’s because NBC is taking it off Netflix in less than a year, I don’t know, but I’ve been watching it almost every night before I go to bed. I’m sure a lot of people would also agree with me that The Office almost has an ASMR-like quality to it, and watching it before bed makes me feel extremely calm and sleepy. Right now, I’m about halfway through season seven, which means things are going to change pretty drastically soon. (Side note: what are you guys’ thoughts about the changes to the show after season seven? Did you like Robert California and Nelly? Personally, I think they’re both hilarious, albeit a bit out of place.)

Anyway, that’s going to be it for today! I know my favorites this month are super random and all over the place, but this is genuinely what I’ve been feeling lately. Do we share any favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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