Is It Spring Break Yet? Sarah’s Weekly Newsletter

Tuesday, March 3

It’s officially March, and it’s even starting to feel a bit like springtime. Today in particular was absolutely gorgeous; I love feeling the breeze on my back and the golden sun on my neck. I took a little walk around the neighborhood with Buck, and we had such a lovely time holding hands and hopping puddles together. These are such sweet days. 

IMG_9748 (1).jpg

Anyway, right now we’re at the library, sitting across from each other and touching shoes. I’m working on blog things, now that my homework is done for today; specifically an upcoming analysis of Regina Spektor’s 2017 album Remember Us to Life. I love analyzing her albums enormously, but they are some of the most time-consuming articles for me to write. Nonetheless, I enjoy challenging myself with content that’s both engaging and thoughtful. Tomorrow I have three back-to-back classes, so hopefully I’ll find a little bit of time to get blogging done! 

Wednesday, March 4


Hi all, I hope you’re doing well. It’s a bit past 1pm right now, and I’m sitting in the library getting some work done. I have to make some revisions to my ethics paper, then I have to start working on a business essay, and then I’m going to squeeze in some creative writing. I don’t know if anybody else also feels this way, but I can’t enjoy my recreational activities if I know I still have homework that needs to be finished. I suppose this is a good thing, because it motivates me to get all of my work done and keep my evenings free.

I’m feeling pretty good today, although I don’t have much makeup on my face, and I probably look exhausted and saggy-faced. I’m usually quite sleepy in the mornings and afternoons, and by evening time, I’m wide awake and feeling creative. I assume that’s probably what will happen tonight; I do indeed have some external writing projects that I’m really eager to work on! I’ve also been very into writing poetry lately, so hopefully I can find some time for that as well. 

Anyway, things obviously aren’t very eventful this week. I apologize for the boring newsletter (albeit, I enjoy things being boring and placid, rather than shit hitting the fan.) 

Thursday, March 5

We’re over the hump of the week, and I, for one, am really looking forward to the weekend. I don’t know why, but I’m absolutely exhausted today! I got decent sleep, between 7-7.5 hours, so I’m not sure what is making me so tired. I’ll continue to go back and forth chugging cold water and coffee to see if that helps.

Both of my classes are cancelled tomorrow, so 1) I’m definitely going to sleep in, and 2) I’m going to try to get another draft of my next Analog article done. I’m interviewing a professor at my university, so that should be interesting!

Anyway, I only have one more week until spring break starts. I’m not planning on traveling or doing anything exciting, but it should be wonderful to see my mother and stepfather. I’m also planning on visiting my father, who I haven’t seen since last August. I’m a bit apprehensive, but looking forward to it nonetheless. Also, Buck and I have been thinking about visiting the Little Women Orchard House, so I’ll be sure to take pictures of that if we end up booking a tour! Exciting things ahead. 


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