What Would I Do with a Million Dollars?

Bora Bora Island Travel Guide and Bora Bora Deals | Tahiti.com

So, obviously I don’t have a million dollars, and the chances that I ever would are pretty much slim to none. But nonetheless, I wanted to post something silly, fun, and purely entertaining today, so that’s how I got the idea for this article! I have literally broken down every way I could burn through a million bucks, down to the cent. I even had about four thousand theoretical dollars left over, how nice! I’ll set aside a bit of that to ensure that I can upgrade my blog to a premium plan for the years to come.


Pay off my student loans – $50,000

Pay off my father’s mortgage – $150,000

Pay off my mother & stepfather’s mortgage – $67,000

Pay off rent and utilities for the rest of my lease – $10,000

Pay off everything else for the rest of my close friends and family – $100,000


Elephants travel to mourn the dead in faraway herds | World | The ...

The Humane Society – $15,000

Humane Farming Association – $15,000

Save the Elephants – $15,000

Planned Parenthood – $20,000

For Fun

The Retreat At Blue Lagoon Iceland: An Escape From Summers

Marry Nathaniel – $5,000

Honeymoon at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland – $1,000

Bora Bora maybe? $10,000

Japan, for sure – $10,000

John Mayer’s Autograph for Nathaniel – $200

Private Dinner with Sen. Bernie Sanders – $1,000

One Kindesign

Buy a farmhouse in Scotland with Nathaniel – $500,000

Adopt several cows – $20,000

About dairy cows | Compassion USA

Adopt ten dogs – $3,000

Start my own business – $20,000

Buy a pair of vintage Louboutins – $2,000

Buy everything that’s currently in my Amazon cart – $129.64

Buy a bunch of makeup – $500

What's next for books? | TechCrunch

Buy a bunch of books – $500

Meet Bill Murray – Priceless

Total: $995,329.64

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing how I would divvy up one million dollars if I had that kind of money! How would you guys divide your money? Let me know in the comments below.

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