My Move: Sarah’s Weekly Newsletter

Wednesday, April 29

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to write for my blog, and that’s because I’ve been with Buck for the past few days and he’s been keeping me busy! Rather than him coming to my home, I actually went to meet his family this time. We had a really wonderful few days together, and I was so happy to meet his family and see where he grew up. Obviously, with the pandemic and social distancing in place, we weren’t exactly going out for ‘dates,’ but we did go for lots of drives and he even took me to see some cows, because he knows how much I love them. We also watched lots of shows and movies, including Coco and Lars and the Real Girl. Both movies made me cry quite a bit, of course. Overall, it was a perfectly lovely time and I can’t wait to see him again.

In other exciting news, I am moving into my first apartment on Friday morning and I am so excited and nervous! I’m going to have to start packing faster, because I’m a bit behind on that. I can’t wait to post pictures of how I have decided to decorate my place, particularly my pantry. 

Saturday, May 2

I haven’t had much time to write this week, because I’ve been so busy with moving and unpacking and all of that chaos. The good news is, I’m pretty well settled in now. The only issue we’re having is that our internet is not set up, so I’m typing this on my phone and probably burning through my data.

It took me about five hours to move and unpack everything, and then I ordered takeout from my favorite restaurant and called Buck to tell him about my day. I’m pretty stressed about the internet problem because I have a lot of homework to do and I can’t get online to access it, but we’re hopefully going to have it fixed by Monday.

This is my room!

I surprisingly slept pretty well last night; by that, I mean I fell asleep pretty quickly. I did wake up a few times because I’m not really used to the sounds of the city, and at one point I woke up because I was having an anxiety attack, but that was it! Today I’m helping my housemate and friend Erin unload her stuff, and reading books in-between since I can’t get on the internet. I’ve been feeling like reading the Sammy Keyes mystery series lately, which was my favorite series when I was younger. I’m sure the desire for nostalgia has to do with me moving to an unfamiliar area.

Anyway, I’m going to hang out here and continue to help Erin for the rest of the day. I can’t wait to see Buck, and I hope he is able to come see me soon. In a time of unfamiliarity, he keeps me grounded.

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