Nature Walks, White Dresses, and Grilled Cheese: Sarah’s Weekly Newsletter

Sunday, May 10

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all doing well. I’ve had a surprisingly productive/busy day for a Sunday; I went grocery shopping, helped my roommate deep-clean the apartment, meal prepped for the week, applied to three jobs, started a story for Analog, and now I’m blogging! I also touched up my roots with some bleach, but that didn’t turn out as 100% as I wanted. Nonetheless, I think I did a pretty good job.

I feel pretty well adjusted to the groove of my apartment life, but I’m still not 100% settled. For one thing, I’ve had a little bit of a writing block when it comes to blogging. Projects with my hands are fine, like painting and book binding, but I honestly haven’t felt settled enough to really sit down and type since I moved in. I know this sounds dramatic, but I’ve only just been so focused on survival that I haven’t really thought about my blog or Analog. That’s why tonight I’m trying to really buckle down and get an article or two done, so I don’t fall behind.

I think after I write this, I’m going to make some grilled cheese and soup for dinner, and watch some more Love Island. I think I’m going to see Buck this weekend, so that’s exciting! I miss him tremendously. 

Saturday, May 16

Hi guys! Hope you’re all staying safe and happy. I know I haven’t sat down to write in a few days; I’ve been preoccupied by visiting my boyfriend in his hometown. I hadn’t seen him since before I moved, so it was really nice to catch up again and spend some quality time together. We’ve been spending a lot of time at home, of course, but we’ve also been out on a few drives, and we even went for a lovely nature walk around the mountains the other day. I also learned he makes an amazing grilled cheese sandwich, so I’ve been requesting that a lot for dinner lately, haha! The other way we’ve been occupying our time is through watching tons of movies and ordering takeout. I love my new apartment, but it’s always nice to come out here and spend time with his family, too. In fact, it’s pretty likely I’m going to break my lease within the next 6-8 months and move out here to be with him. We already know we want to get married, move to Vermont, and have little babies someday, so we’re definitely ready to take that next step and move in together.


Speaking of that, I’m not planning on getting married anytime soon (not for at least 2-3 years,) but I did find my absolute dream wedding dress on Etsy and I am dying to order it now, since it’s a vintage item and once it sells, it’s gone. It’s a gorgeous seventies off-the-shoulder lace dress with a deep back, and I’m absolutely nuts for it. It’s only $275, so if I scrape together some savings, I think I can buy it before it sells. I’m also probably going to receive some graduation money (today would have been my graduation if it wasn’t for coronavirus,) so I can put that towards the dress as well.

Anyway, I’m going back to Boston tomorrow (sadly,) and from there I need to do some meal prepping, open a new bank account, and continue my never-ending job search. I’m going to celebrate so hard the day I get a job, even if it’s just doing retail work or bussing in a restaurant. I’ll be sure to update you guys on how that process goes. Enjoy these pictures from my beautiful week in Western Massachusetts! 



Literally the happiest day of my life



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