A Tour of My Apartment


I’ve been in my apartment for about a month now, and in that time, I think my housemates and I have really made it feel super homey and comfortable. I’m not going to be showing you their bedrooms for privacy reasons, but I am going to guide you through the rest of my place! I love that everything looks so clean and fresh, and I also love that my apartment is right next to the train, so I can easily get places I need to go. 


This is my living room/dining room, which is probably the biggest room in the apartment. I only really spend time here in the evening, because my housemate, Erin, and I like to watch American Horror Story together before we go to bed. I really like the curved wall with the three windows; I think it’s really interesting and gives the place a true Bostonian touch. I also really like the way we decorated the wall shelf, particularly with pictures of our parents on their wedding days. 

IMG_3779 (1)

The kitchen is nothing fancy, but that pantry? SO gorgeous. We each have our own shelf in the pantry, and mine is the one on the far left. I’ve stocked my pantry with the usual staples- dry pasta, soup, nuts, etc. I tend to make a lot of salads and overnight oats, so dried foods and perishable goods are things I always like to have on hand.

IMG_3780 (1)

We all share one relatively small bathroom, but it has everything we need, so there isn’t much to complain about. I miss taking bubble baths back at my old house, but the shower is big, and we keep it very organized and tidy. We have these cute little cubicle things to organize our shower supplies and our bathroom cleaning supplies, which I think has really helped us to optimize the space.

IMG_3782 (1)

Speaking of my bedroom, I am absolutely obsessed with the way it turned out! I’ll start with my bookshelf and move my way around the rest of the room. I’ve had this bookcase for years now, so of course I knew I wanted to bring it into my new place. The top half is mostly dedicated to my artist side, as I keep all of my paints, watercolor paper, and art books up there. I also decided to hang up one of my favorite paintings, The Great Wave off Kanagawa, because it makes me feel especially peaceful and inspired. In addition to my entire collection of books, I also have all of my eyeshadow palettes and my handmade journals lined up on this shelf.

IMG_3781 (1)

In the back corner of my room I have my clothing rack, a very large plant, and my bed. I’ve always loved the feeling of sleeping close to the ground, which is why I decided to opt out of having a bed frame. I really love the way my bed setup turned out, especially with the mountainous tapestry and the fairy lights. I love mountains and rustic areas, so I feel happy and relaxed every time I look at the tapestry. On my back window, I’ve decorated the sill with pictures of me and my boyfriend and my photography equipment.


My desk is one of my favorite areas of my room, because it’s where I do all of my creating. It’s also where I keep most of my makeup, as I’m sure you can see! On this wall, I also have a beautiful painting that was created by my boyfriend’s grandfather- a fellow artist. He knows how much I love art, so he very kindly gifted me one of his original paintings. It’s one of my favorite things to look at every day. You can also see my tiny stash of Barefoot moscato on the end table, right behind my handmade photo album and a picture of my good friend, Eli. 


The final wall of my room has my walk-in closet, which is quite spacious, and this little wiry shelf thing where I keep my shipping supplies and my Keurig. It’s very convenient to have my morning coffee so close to my bed! (Side note: I had to blur out some of my closet because my wedding dress was visible.)

I hope you guys enjoyed this little tour of my apartment! I think it’s so cute, fresh, and cozy, and I’m really looking forward to spending the next few months here. I don’t know where I’ll end up next, but I have a feeling it won’t be Boston.


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