Thrifting, Writing, Crafting: Sarah’s Weekly Newsletter

Wednesday, July 10

Hi guys, hope you’re having a great week so far. I’m doing really well myself, and I’m actually feeling very busy despite not having a job right now. Yesterday was sort of stressful; I took the T out to Cambridge to find a new pair of shorts at my favorite thrift store, and then I decided to go to Target to get some groceries. However, at some point on my outing, I lost my wallet! The interesting thing is that I didn’t even realize I lost it until the man who found it several hours later called my cell. I was sitting in my room, getting work done, and suddenly a very kind stranger called me to tell me he found my wallet. And incredibly, the first thing I said was, “I lost my wallet?”

So then I had to get back on the train, go all the way to Roxbury Crossing, get my wallet back (thank you, kind stranger for returning it!), and then I didn’t get back to my apartment until 11pm. It was long and stressful, but obviously I am SO happy to have my wallet back and my faith in humanity is slightly restored. 

So I didn’t get a lot done yesterday because I was busy running all over the place, but today was more productive. I woke up and did some morning yoga, took a shower, and then went back to the thrift store to return my shorts because they didn’t fit. And then, of course, I found three other things I wanted in the process! I’m going to be posting a thrift haul on Analog next week, so keep your eyes out for that.

This is a set of journals I just finished!

It’s about 9:45 right now, and I’m just finishing up all of my writing for the day. I uploaded an Analog article and finished a draft for a blog, and then I applied for a couple of jobs. My mom suggested I go to a temp agency, seeing how I’ve applied to almost sixty jobs and I’ve heard back from almost none of them. It’s stressful times, but you do the best you can and try to stay positive.

Thursday, June 11

Hi friends! It’s been yet another productive day, and I’m feeling really good. It’s also been quite temperate here in Boston for the last few days, so I haven’t really been struggling with humidity or anything like that. Today I took the light rail to my old internship location so I could return my door tag and pick up my things, which was a really surreal experience. I haven’t been to my old workplace since March, so it was very strange to step back in and see all the offices closed down due to the virus.

Anyway, I got quite busy watching Dead to Me and binding journals for the rest of my afternoon. I haven’t listed anything for a little while, but having seven books bound in one day is a huge task and I’m really proud of that. Afterwards, I cooked a healthy dinner of vegan lemon ‘chicken’ and broccoli, and now I’m getting some writing done. I just finished writing a fashion article for Analog, and now I’m going to write an album review for the music blog I started with Nathaniel. 

So it’s been a busy, happy day, and I’m looking forward to eating the ice cream I ordered via uber eats in a few minutes. I’ve been running around like crazy for the past few days, and it’s summer, and I’m on my period, so I’m not going to feel bad about enjoying an ice cream today.

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