I Found a Job! Sarah’s Weekly Newsletter

Monday, June 29

Good morning, everyone! I hope you’re feeling ready for the week ahead. I’m feeling pretty great right now; I’m the only one home at Nathaniel’s house because everyone is at work, so I thought I would take this opportunity to get some blogging done. He’s working from 9:30-6:00, so I’m going to have to get busy entertaining myself (which shouldn’t be a problem.)

2020-06-28 19_48_28.912.JPG

We had a really lovely little date last night. I had this idea to set us up a little dinner on his back porch with a candle and a vase of daisies, and I put on a mellow 70s playlist for us to enjoy over our meal. We also had the most delicious pineapple margaritas I’ve ever had in my life! As you can see, I was really excited to be drinking it.

I’m going home tomorrow, and I’m so excited to tear open my pile of mail and have my new debit card. I didn’t realize how much I used it until I didn’t have one! I’m also hoping my food stamps card has arrived, because I desperately need to buy some groceries. I also have two fun packages coming in the mail: Wendelin Van Draanen has sent me copies of two of her books, and my Fab Fit Fun box is coming this week as well. I’d love to write a book review of what WVD sent me- what do you guys think?

Saturday, July 4

I haven’t sat down to write in a few days, so I figured I should probably update you guys on the fun happenings in my life. On Wednesday, I had a job interview at Starbucks, and I was offered a position immediately after the interview! I was so over the moon and excited to start working on this team. Even though I was only there for about twenty minutes or so, everyone was so nice to me and made me feel immediately at home. I’m really looking forward to getting started in a couple of weeks.

The rest of my week was not too exciting. I made a new collection of journals, which are now published on my Etsy shop for sale. I also received my debit card and my food stamps card in the mail, which was awesome, because it meant I could finally go grocery shopping. In-between that, I’ve just been sleeping, playing The Sims, cleaning and doing laundry, and running errands. Yesterday, I went to the post office to ship out some orders, Star Market to get a few groceries, and then Michael’s to get some more journal-making supplies. So nothing too exciting, but I’m honestly having a great time. I’m in my best week of the month, the month in which I get super productive and energetic before PMDD hits.

I’m going on vacation on Sunday for five days, so I’m going to step away from my computer while Nathaniel and I are living it up in Maine with my mom and stepfather. I do have some articles pre-scheduled, so my content will be the same, but I probably won’t get around to my newsletter until I come home on Sunday. I’ll catch up with you all next week!

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