What I’m Reading Right Now

If you clicked onto this article thinking reading four books was a lot, I have news for you: I’m actually reading twelve books. These are just the new additions to the other eight I was already reading. 


I’ve always been someone who loved to read multiple books at once, and every time I find a new title I love, I’ll just throw it into the mix! Two of these books were sent to me from my favorite author, Wendelin Van Draanen, and the other two are books Nathaniel lent to me. I won’t bother going through the over handful of books I’m reading, because I already summarized them in another article. 

Hope in the Mail | Wendelin Van Draanen | Reference work, young-adult nonfiction

Like I mentioned before, Wendelin Van Draanen is my favorite young adult author, and she very graciously offered to send me some of her books after I interviewed her a couple of weeks ago. I was so happily surprised, especially when I discovered that she had autographed the books for me. Wendelin, if you’re reading this, thanks so much! Hope in the Mail is an autobiographical reference book for young readers who love writing. As a writer myself who has always wanted to publish my very own book, I have found Hope in the Mail to be so sweet and inspirational. Wendelin has a very strong voice in her writing, and reading this book feels like having a conversation with a friend. I’m planning to write a more in-depth review of the book after I finish it, so keep an eye out for that!

Road Rash | Mark Parsons | Young adult fiction

This was another title sent to me from WVD, but this book was actually written by her husband, Mark Parsons. She sent it to me because we discovered that Nathaniel is a drummer who loves to write, just like Mark, and she thought Nathaniel and I could have a cute little book club together. So Nathaniel has his copy, and I have mine. It’s not a book I would normally walk into a store and pick up for myself, but that actually makes me love it more. I’m really excited to see where this story goes, and I’m looking forward to hearing Nathaniel’s thoughts on the book as well. 

Cat’s Cradle | Kurt Vonnegut | Satirical postmodern

Speaking of Nathaniel, the next couple of books are ones that he has kindly lent out to me. He had previously given me Slaughterhouse Five to read, and I enjoyed it so much, he decided to follow it up with Cat’s Cradle to continue the Vonnegut streak. I never thought I would like Vonnegut, to be honest: I struggle with media and literature that is dark and bleak, but there’s something about this author that I (and so many others) love. He’s dark and bleak for sure, but Kurt Vonnegut also has an irresistible sense of humor that draws you in and leaves you wondering which direction the story will turn next. Slaughterhouse Five destroyed me in the best way possible, so I have high hopes for this novel as well. 

Lou Reed: A Life | Anthony DeCurtis | Biography

Last but not least, this is another novel from the Library of Nathaniel. As some of you probably know, I’m a huge fan of The Velvet Underground, and I’m particularly very fascinated by Lou Reed. Nathaniel dug this out of his closet for me a few days ago and I immediately started reading. He’s definitely the stereotype of a classic rockstar: damaged, entitled, and wild, but he’s also such a true artist with an incredible life story. I haven’t picked up a biography in a while, so this will be a nice expansion from my usual preferred genres. 

Anywho, those are all the new additions to my bookshelf this month! It’ll probably take me a few months to get through all of these, but that’s okay; I have all the time in the world to read. Let me know what books you guys are currently reading in the comments below!

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